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Rihanna Unfortunately Shows Off her Thick Leg of the Day

Rihanna bores the fuck out of me. She was this one hit wonder who managed to make more than one hit with variations of the same fucking song and the public bought into the shit and made her and her handlers a lot of money when really there was nothing special about her. I know everyday girls who look better and sing better than this bitch, they are just missing the millions of dollars of marketing budget, the famous co-signs and a bullshit poor talented girl found in the Islands story that the media eats the fuck up…

I’m ready for her to fade the fuck away like she would have if we were in a different generation, where digitally altering her voice to make her sound like she can sing didn’t exist, but apparently she’s out in a new music video showing off her thick legs that should be washing bed sheets at a Barbado resort…

Pics via Bauer

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  • Karl Hungus

    Your mother is a big-legged hoe.