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Sienna Miller Greasy Pig of the Day

Sienna Miller is a greasy fucking pig and here are the pictures to prove it….The light is shining off her head in a way that reminds you that not only does Sienna Miller and her hipster bush hardly wash….but he also doesn’t fucking care…the kind of free-spirited hippie fashionista who likes that at any given time the cum of at least 4 different men is crusted to the side of her pussy lips….2 of which are married men….along with a bouquet of odors that include bad hygiene, innocent infections, and stds…..so here are some greasy fucking pictures of Sienna Miller because Sienna Miller is a greasy fucking pig and she likes reminding us of that…because she knows it wouldn’t stop any of us from slammin’ her if we had the opportunity….

Pics via Fame

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  1. Joe says:

    It was 96 degrees here in NYC since Sunday.
    To add this chick is one of the only few celebs who will have a regular beer, smooze and game of darts in the bar with us regular people.

  2. shade says:

    …after she’s finished riding your husband.

  3. oprah says:


  4. philip says:

    um. i think you have unrealistic expectations. just saying. if you have that high standards, you’ll always be disapointed

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