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Lisa Rinna Shows Off Her Mom Nipples in a Tight Shirt of the Day

I dont’ really know what’s wrong with me – but I fixated on old pussy today. I think I’m trying to distract the FBI from my early morning / late night Miley Cyrus video unintentially because I’m convinced that a pantsless Miley is some kind of trap and this is the only way to divert, so what better way to show the world how much I love hags, cuz I do love all pussy, by posting a little Lisa Rinna hard nipple, even if those nipples are only a couple years old thanks to plastic surgery, or what Lisa RInna likes to call “the only thing that makes her feel alive”……

Pics via Fame

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  1. Pee Smell says:

    Alot of nerve talking about tits when that Adult Friend Finder ad to the left has the most deformed fake tits I have ever seen in my life. One nip is pointing straight up, and the other straight down and they look like soup bowls attached to her chest.

  2. Bob Smith says:

    I think she would be like butter when you fuck her.

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