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Tila Tequila Isn’t Dead Yet of the Day

Tila Tequila bores me. She tries so fucking hard to get noticed, but is so fucking obvious that it’s dull and almost irritating. The only thing she could do to get my attention or make me think she’s got talent is if she staged a live “giving birth” show where she got herself in stirrups and various grown men crawl out of her whore pussy, but until then, she’s just struggling with bottom feeding and holding onto the little fame she has, despite not really having a talent or skill, or any reason for having the little fame that she has, unless you consider breast implants a talent, but I don’t….

Sure her fall from her peak is funny to watch, but irritating to listen to, no matter how “sexed up” her old Vietnamese ladyboy prostitute ass tries to be….there’s so many younger and hotter versions of her who haven’t lost their fucking minds as the public lost interest in her….despite the fact that she even had anyone’s interest was a fucking miracle to begin with, but that probably doesn’t cross Tila’s mind, she’s just been eating up and spat out by hollywood like a child star and has no where else to go, but suicide.

Pics via Bauer

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9 Responses

  1. Bob Smith says:

    She is fugly

  2. Expletive:BMP says:

    next thing you know she’ll beg me for anal sex and claim i raped her while she slept and came in her ass, fucking slut!!!

  3. Whores says:

    What a fucking whore. Someone needs to introduce her ugly fake blond haired head to a 2×4 immediately…

  4. Drunken Pig says:

    Sorry to hear the alien-headed cambodian refugee ain’t dead yet..even more upset you continue to post this thing!!

  5. robert says:

    think of all the good we could do if we could just get Tila, Lindsay and Paris in a car together. going very fast. over a cliff.

  6. stfu says:

    ^^^ don’t forget Lady gaga…she can be tucked in the trunk along with her enormous ego and uncut dick.

  7. Lola says:

    AHAHAHAHAH. I love the third pic where shes obviously dying for someones attention and EVERYONE but one chick in the back is looking at her. Not even the security guard.
    Stupid whore will never learn.

  8. schwizz says:

    @ Lola

    LMAO!! I was about to write the same thing ….very nearly word-for-word.

    Btw, did she fall down the stairs or what?

  9. schwizz says:

    Oh……….and those green contacts make her look like an alien

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