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Megan Fox’s Skinny Little Ass of the Day

I like my bitches skinny. I love eating disorders. I love when a bitch’s thighs don’t touch, but I also like ass to have a little more soul than this…That’s not to say I like my shit big, black and scary as fuck in line at the KFC for some fried chicken, but it is to say that this non-existant shit isn’t ideal cuz there’s nothing awesome about seeing an anus when a bitch is standing up….Ass cheeks are our friends….and even the pubescent bitches I see at the pool have more booty than this….

I figure all this Megan Fox bitch needs to do is spend a little less money on plastic surgery on her face and a little more money getting ass implants…not that it matters cuz it just goes to waste on David from 90210….especially now that her career is over…

Pics via Fame

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  • dsfmydog!!

    dude..your the funniest writer on the web. i luv it.. it cuts like a knife sometimes… loive this site.. i love my skinny bitches too.. megan fox is almost at her sell date. One more year and throw her ass on the trash heap.

  • marcus

    I think she’s gotten way too skinny, those bikini pics of her from a few weeks ago were scary and now these pics of her non-existent ass are just sad. She use to be so hot and had a nice slim figure, but this is too little.

  • Sandra

    Love this site!

    She’s done as actress, i don’t know how they made her looking so hot in Transformers 2 over the bike. Less plastic surgery and drugs and some food would make her recovering human shape 😛

  • PooPoo Boy

    You are the most amazing writer on any dumbass celeb site. It’s an ugly ass site, but if I get to read what you say, I have a happy day.
    Oh and about the pic… it sucks.

  • cowbulls

    Congratulations Lindsey. This now anorexic bitch is now the most screwed up woman in Hollywood.