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Pink’s Stupid Stage Show Accident of the Day

Here is a clip of Pink Hurt in Stage Accident (bonus FUCK makes it on TV) and she gets what she fucking deserves for deciding she was a circus performer last year when she started using her manly muscles to sing upside down hanging from the ceiling and other bullshit that people who do deserve to get hurt for doing…

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  1. Drunken Pig says:

    It’s a shame s/he did’nt break her/his neck..in this age of talent-less *ahem “musicians”..ala lady smegma etc etc..they try and make up for no substance with elaborate stage-shows..kill’em all!!

  2. David_J says:

    A wether report??? Wha. happen? PULLED??? MAN UP AND TAKE THIS SHIT OFF!!!

  3. Demonic 73 says:

    She didn’t die? There’s a lost opportunity.

  4. HornyLohanWanker says:

    One would think a guy could take a hit like that and keep going. I think he is a pussy.

  5. The Gouge says:

    I would totally have sex with Pink…she’s got a great fucking body.

  6. chuck says:

    Thank you, Gouge. She’s got no neck, but her so-called ‘manly muscles’ are how a healthy athletic woman is supposed to luck.

  7. Stupac says:

    Uhhh, she fell about 3 feet. What the fuck is this news for? I fall further going to bed.

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