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Anna Kournikova Sucks and Seduction of the Day

Anna Kournikova is a lot of hype. She was actually the only reason this site ever got traffic cuz I posted some pics of her in a white bikini pulling sand out of the shit and boom instant success I’ve been riding the last 6 years. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be living this life of luxury filled with cans of beans and electric bills I don’t have to pay for, cuz I am broke and my wife covers it…actually, I probably would be, I just wouldn’t be wasting my days writing about how a bitch I’ve never met or cared about is lookin’ real boring, so boring I feel compelled to post the pictures and discuss…what it comes down to is that whether this bitch is half naked or doing this sloppy period shit, I still suck at life…

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  1. Drunken Pig says:

    Must say I launched more than a few loads jerking to this russian whore who never really could play tennis!!..was fun watching though!!

  2. drunk mom says:

    i saw this ho close up in person (she doesn’t stink at doubles so maybe that will fuel your fantasy even more, dp) ….not so hot, flat ass and a face like a boiled potato…the only thing she has going is her long blond hair, i blame it all on daryl hannah in splash

  3. Drunken Pig says:

    You’re ‘fueling my fantasy’..but you never respond??..methinks your a dude trolling!!

  4. drunk mom says:

    why would i be a dude?…oh, yeah, because i read this website and look at the pictures, even the steplinks…well, i am a recent divorcee and i like to compare…anyway, dp, i don’t think you would like me at all. i have some upper thigh cellulite, a broken toe, and i need a botox injection in my forehead. also i’m not a good housekeeper and i can barely afford a cleaning lady to keep me in line every second tuesday. i sleep with my dog, a pomeranian/border collie cross and she sheds puffy furballs. and once, when i did take on a lov-ah (only chicks say stuff like that), my crazy little dog wanted to join in. she went wild over the smell of his serbian spunk and licked a hole in my sheets. that was a couple of years ago, i’ve been celibate ever since. and i have kids, nobody like a divorced lady with kids, even pamela anderson has a hard time.

  5. Drunken Pig says:

    Gee.. Serbian dude(TMI)aside Im ok with the rest..how may I reach you??..last time I ask!!

  6. drunk mom says:

    last time! serious? as though i’m going to post my number….i am a lady, with a dog….and a blog….google something random like “camel toe brow house” and see what comes up

  7. cowbulls says:

    I also saw her up close and she needs to eat a few cheeseburgers. She is too skinny and the weight loss came out of her T & A. That being siad, she’s only a few cheeseburgers from having a space reserved on my face.

  8. Zorro says:

    She lost weight but she’s still hotter than many Victoria’s Secret bony models like Moronda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio. At least Kurnikova’s body is firm and toned.

  9. Shani Coryea says:

    I like the kind of simplicity of your weblog. Will you mail me which add ons are you currently using?

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