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Lily Allen’s Disgusting Legs Ruin My Teenage Pregnancy Fetish of the Day

I am disappointed in myself. Back when Lily Allen had her abortion the last time she was pregnant but told the media she miscarried, I had a lot of fun making abortion jokes and laughing at her….

When she got twitter and saw she was on it I took advantage of the opportunity to make abortion jokes to her directly, just to make sure she heard them all…

So I should have been on more on top of her uterus, and reacted quicker to this, but the reality is that she’s always had a body sloppy enough for me to confuse for being in the first trimester.

I also haven’t really heard anything about Lily Allen the last year or so, cuz she is an insignificant one hit wonder who had a little staying power, but who is still a fucking nobody….but I guess now she’s got an excuse for being a fat and lazy pig of a girl…I mean until she “miscarries” cuz the relationship goes sour like last time…but I guess we all deserve second chances…even after murdering our baby to be cuz it wasn’t convenient and she’s a rich spoiled brat who has the option to re-shape destiny, unlike my black and hispanic friends in the projects, who each have 8 kids…but that’s not the point…

The point is that pregnancy is never sexy, unless it is teen pregnancy, and just cuz she’s wearing a school girl outfit, doesn’t mean she’s really tapping into that fetish…

Shit. I wrote too much again. I gotta stop this rambling. It is out of fucking control…

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  • http://www.celebuzz.com/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-kissing-s238801/ Lauren

    not her legs are disgusting, but your sexism. a pregnant woman gets fat, that’s the way it goes. and she looks good on the pics.

  • Nina

    This is probably the most vile and horrible thing i’ve read. Your views are discusting and personally I think you shouldn’t be able to have opinions if your opinions are vile, sexist and cruel as this. Get a fucking grip you moron.

  • http://foxstats.com Donte Deromer

    The source seems to be down, does anyone have a backup or mirror web link I can use. Thanks, oh I got your link ok.