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Karissa Shannon Superstar Sex Tape Is Happening of the Day

Karissa Shannon Superstar Sex Tape></a></p>
<p>Karissa Shannon has been all over the internet tabloids bottom feeding and crying for attention the last couple of weeks because her and her boyfriend have been prepping for the release of her sex tape called…..</p>
Karissa Shannon Superstar</p>
<p>Which coincidentally was the same name of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and that is kinda upsetting me because I like my celebrity sex tapes to have original clever titles, even though al have simila  content, production quality and created with the same intentions to take their fame to another level….</p>
<p>Here is the press release:</p>
<p>“‘Karissa Shannon Superstar’ is Wildly Erotic, Kinky and Our Hottest Celeb Tape Ever,” Says Vivid Head Steven Hirsch.</p>
<p>LOS ANGELES – (September 20, 2010) – The Vivid-Celeb imprint of Vivid Entertainment, the world ‘s leading adult film studio, will release an “extreme” sex tape starring Karissa Shannon and her TV-star boyfriend Sam Jones III entitled “Karissa Shannon Superstar” on Sept. 28th, in stores nationwide and online at www.vivid.com.</p>
<p>Karissa, the beautiful blonde Playboy Playmate who became a star of the E! Networks hit series “The Girls Next Door”, is the real-life girlfriend of Sam Jones III, best known for playing Pete Ross in The CW Television Network “Smallville” series.</p>
<p>“This is the absolutely the most extreme celebrity sex tape ever brought to us and we’re excited to have it,” said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid.  “Even though Karissa and Sam made this for their own enjoyment, it’s shot extremely well and is as provocative as it is sexual.  Never has a girl this beautiful been this nasty…she’s completely uninhibited with Sam.”</p>
<p>The couple is seen enjoying sex in a moving car, their home, a hotel room in Hawaii, and more.  Later, Karissa slips into black lingerie, stockings and high heels, while Sam gets out his riding crop and spiked collar and takes control.  “Karissa Shannon Superstar” runs two hours and features a bonus disc with scenes from Vivid’s other celebrity features.</p>
<p>I am trying to get an exclusive preview clip. I know we all want to see this Playboy trash fuck, not because we find her hot, interesting or this a real scandal, but because it’s always fun to watch bitches who aren’t official pornstars do porn…especially when you know they are doin’ it to take their careers to the next level….</p>
<p>I’m just hoping her twin sister makes a cameo appearance…because there’s only so much black dick in blonde pussy I can stomach….and feel a twin on twin lesbian eating pussy party like they used to do as 14 year olds for their dad back home at the trailer park is a nice way to break things up a bit…</p>
<p>I guess we’ll have to wait and see.</p>

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  • Drunken Pig

    Like the GORILLA on blonde theme has not been beaten to death..isn’t that the crackhead dude from ‘Different Strokes’??

  • mike

    cant wait to see this!!!!!

  • Hay Zooos

    LINK FAIL !!!

  • cowbulls

    What a shame, another bangable tail bites the dust.

  • Bubba

    Just another monkey lovin whore. What a resume. first a grandpa penis, now a blue gum penis. Her parents must be so proud.

  • WhiteGirlBanger

    I luv it wen Drunken Pig and Bubba comment like this 🙂 hahahahaha dude u should see the white ass I slay on a regular! Funny thing happened a few years ago.. It became really hip for white chicks to give it up to brothas… Excuse me Gorillas 🙂 hahaha… No blue gum niggas 😉 with big dicks and big money and they luv it! Toooooo funny I luv it though

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^Hey if I was black Id be chasing fat white chicks too!!..most black chicks are annoying and just plain fucking disgusting!!..make sure you stretch-out that ‘big money'(welfare cheque)..and that ‘big(mythical)dick’ bro!!

  • WhiteGirlBanger

    Preciate it Drunken! No government check here homie! Got my cash the good ol fashioned way, flipping property and day trading! He who knew niggas like me could understand math well enough to have a few mill in the bank! Hahahaha I luv it.

    Oh yeah I don’t bang the fat white chicks you good ol boys don’t want. No sir! Mine are straight up grade A! Trust me… Direct messenger me and I’ll send you my flickr link so you can just get pissed off lol 🙂

    Sorry homeboy but just like that gorilla in DC I’m running shit here… Except I luv my white queen at least till I find another to bang away!

    Randy Moss! Straight Cash Homie! Lol

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^I envy you man..do you realize it takes me 3 days of steady drinking..not to mention a small fortune, to reach your level of delusion??
    P.S-What colour is the sky in your world??
    Your friend..

  • WhiteGirlBanger

    I’m down with ya DP! Your my homeboy! Just a different color. But trust me the written message is all true… Although u may not Wanna believe! Have a great rest of your day! Lol

  • WFC

    Just another slutty white bitch trying to gain fame by fuckin’ some black piece of shit. Who fucking cares, she’s a slut, he’s a nobody. I’m sure there will be a fantastic plot to this useless fuck flick… yawn….

  • Thaddious

    Whitegirlbanger, u will drive yourself crazy trying to rationalize with those who are irrationally against you.

    When a person does or says something with malicious intent (intending harm), they are doing evil. They’re responding to you with words, but their intent is the same as their whip-carrying ancestors.

    Maybe they’re not all like that, but these two clearly are evil. Nothing you say will impact their intent. You’ve wasted time, and now I have to waste time to tell you what you should already know – They’re nature is to exploit and denigrate the darker people of the earth – if you come upon hard times, those white girls will move onto exploiting other darker men. If you keep your income secret and they still like you – that’s the only way to know.

  • Thaddious

    Also. the only reason they act so nice is because society has evolved beyond their nature thanks to the civil rights movement.

    In light of this, the anonymity of the internet is a blessing because it serves as a constant reminder of their true nature.

  • Bob Smith

    Word are the same as whips? Lol.

    Anyway, I suspect a lot of these girls have self-esteem issues, but hey we’re all guys, you take what you can get. I can relate.

  • Expletive:BMP

    This celebrity sex tape has become the art deco of the modern age, and frankly, I’m bored of it. So you’re fucking, what other amazing things are you doing? Let’s say if you got your fuck on in the most amazing of areas. On a roller coaster.

    I just walked away from this shit three hours ago and is now returning to finish. That’s how dull this bull-shit is. Now seriously. Sam Worthington 3 and Blondie, are perhaps an awesome fuckable couple. No doubt. But I’ve seen weird shit that’ll turn that fucking pig who wrote the Turnder Diaries black. So this boring bullshit will probably put me to sleep. Maybe if he and her was in Mecca fucking behind one of their mosque or some shit, then I’d say yippie that’s fucking amazing. But nah, dull dull dull dull. It’s interesting when a virgin who has never pushed dick into pussy can outrightly say what’s dull and what isn’t about fucking. But that’s the taste of this life; you get to sample shit that in truth you should no nothing about, but you’ve seen it so often, you can almost taste it. Cunny Bleed indeed.

  • Drunken Pig

    Thaddious are you quoting directly from the ‘Black Panther’ handbook or a speech from Rev. Al Sharpton??
    I’m Canadian..we were a safe-haven for blacks..sorry to inform your ignorant ass, but I’ve no “whip-carrying ancestors”..besides it was the chinks we exploited (they were used to build our railways)..trolling idiots like you who come on sites like this is far to easy!!
    You smell like grape pop, KFC, and water-melon!!

  • Expletive:BMP

    OKAY DRUNKEN PIG AND WHITEGIRLBANGER, I’M A PO MUTHA-FUCKA, WIT NOTHING, AND ALL I WANT IS TO GO TO CANADA SO I CAN MAKE SOMETHING OF MYSELF, OTHER THAN BULLSHITTING AROUND THIS WASTE OF TIME ISLAND. Good ole’ USA may be great, but I prefer Canada because it has a lot more wildnerness, and great land spaces, where one can conceivably vanish forever. Not to mention it’s colder, and i fucking hate the heat. I hate the fucking heat here so much, I wanna be where it’s really cold, when parts of the United States is still warm. Most winters here are 90% hot, 90 fucking %. And in Canada I want to go to school, to see if I can beat my mental blocks and do something rather amazing with my life. Even if it’s breaking into mainstream porn (EWWW but who among us knows tommorow).

    So hook a brother up, with a Canadian sponser ship or some shit, so I can be a proper immigrant like the Italians and Irish of old, who traveled far and set up crime dynasties.

  • Mike

    Thaddious – I’m sure you know that those whip carrying guys bought your granddaddy from his brothers, right? No white folks went over to Africa and herded up slaves, they bought them from their own tribes! A box full of shiny beads, known as bling bling today, and you could have yourself a ship full of slaves. If you want to hate, hate your own people who sold their own in to slavery, not those who bought them and eventually set them free. Heck, if someone could have taken a set of gold grills over there they probably could have owned the whole stinking continent!

    BTW – nice job with Liberia. The bleeding hearts gave y’all a free country in Africa to make up for the whole slavery thing, and now it’s in about as good of shape as inner city Detroit.

    And, if y’all could get away with selling your never-ending flow of babies into slavery today my money says you’d do it all over again!

  • Thaddious

    Ethics are an intellectual concept – if you were wise, you would see that you’ve proven my point.

    The smarter thing would’ve been to prove me wrong rather than expressing hate toward a dark person (I never said black, you projected that).

    I’m going to print this discussion and use it as a topic at my mosque.

    The hatred never surprises me, but the depths of your ignorance never cease to amaze me-

  • Thaddious

    P.S. you mention ‘chinks’ while saying you were a safe haven for blacks? Wowwwww. You do not get it – you have oppressed all darker people, like I said. And now you’ve given me another avenue to research your evil-

  • Mike

    So, Thaddious, what will your explanation to your mosque be when they inquire as to why you were visiting a web site about an explicit, multiracial celebrity sextape? I suppose you’ll just take the whole discussion out of context as most of your type do. Heck, if you’re going to pretend like you weren’t on a porn site than why not just make the whole thing up?

    You holier than thou prick. Pseudo intellectuals make me sick. Now go download a Karissa Shannon video and wank your little brown monkey prick before you go pray for forgiveness you fool.

  • Thaddious

    When you think racial oppression, you assume it’s a black-white issue because that gets the most attention.

    But look at the native-americans, the latinos, asians, and arabs. Anyone who researches Gandhi can see the true nature of your people-

  • Thaddious

    Smallvile is my favorite show – Sam Jones was Pete, Superman’s best friend, destined to be president. Don’t presume to know my motives. Not everyone finds your women attractive-

  • Thaddious

    And I found this link through bossip, a black website, only to be assaulted by racial hatred.

  • danplopp

    who cares about anything nother than, “does she do anal in this movie.”

  • Thaddious

    Mike, everytime you say something with malicious intent, you prove me right.

    Refute my argument without name-calling and you might come off looking well.

    Are you capable, or is malice getting in the way?

  • Thaddious

    Can you defend your people, or will you continue to discredit them?

  • Thaddious

    Respond- you’re very entertaining, Mike.

  • Expletive:BMP

    And on that note, GOOD NITE VIETNAM!

  • Expletive:BMP

    or is it GOOD MORNING VIETNAM? I get confused.

  • Allah

    Thaddious, black people have oppressed and enslaved their own for millenia. The Arabs? Please. They were the first to enslave the blacks (and continue to this day) AND the european whites (Barbary pirates).

  • Allah

    Muhammad get on your knees, face east with your ass in the air while I bum fuck you good! After which we will dine on roast pork while you draw my portrait.

  • Mike


  • sANCHO

    I would rather a sex tape of her and her sister getting it !!! HOT SHIT!!

  • mike

    sANCHO I couldnt agree with you more!! But I heard this will top all the other sex tapes! Still would love to see the sisters together again thou in a sex tape. 😛

  • FFS

    Thaddious you give me a superiority complex.

  • Thaddious anus

    Pound me hard till I prolapse, goatse me, I LOVE it! Im no longer in denial. FUCK Alah, DSF is now my God!

  • Kev

    Whore and a drug dealer, who cares

  • WhiteGirlBanger

    My goodness what the fuck did I start here!!!! Lol you guys are my comedy on a Tuesday Morning. I agree with Mike. Look I chose my name to clearly let you know on DS what and who I like. Did I know it was gonna cause controversy yeah I guess I did.

    Like Mike said, times are a changing and brothas are a changing as well… We are moving into a non race society where chicks date Green not black and white… As long as you have green you’ll have the baddest botches to bust your nut in!

  • damn there is some hatin’ going on in here, nice to see that the internet has brought racism and bullshit into the 21 century.

  • Drunken Pig

    Set the trap..hypnotize..now you follow..LULZ!!

  • Puppet

    Lepper messiah.

  • ROD

    ALL the “closet internet racists” would sell their souls for the chance to even touch this bitch that’s getting ram rodded by that Black man. I can bet that NONE of you have even been in the same room with a chick like that and IF you even have girlfriends or wives… they are Pigs in comparison. So go ahead and dissatisfy your Rosanne Barr look alikes while that Black man has REAL SEX with a better looking woman than you’ll even get for FREE! LOL

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