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Ashley Tisdale Bikini Pictures of the Day

Ashley Tidale was in a bikini and you may be wondering why I care since I am not a teenage girl and I am the guy who calls this overrated bitch out on being ugly whenever pictures of her come along….

I appreciate the fact that she’s tried to fix her ugly face with surgery…I appreciate the fact that she goes to the gym 5 times a day to not get fat cuz that would be the end of her…but I don’t appreciate the fact that despite these efforts, she’s still fucking ugly. It actually kinda depresses me. Actually.

So, as my good deed, or community service to her, I figure I have no choice but to continue the “Ashley Tisdale Ugly Watch” so that one day it gets to her, and that day, she’ll realize all the lies she’s been told all her life…

I’ve been running this since I saw her win an award as “hottest female” and I just couldn’t handle the bullshit lie…and figure someoen needs to put an end to this Highschool musical ego…make her feel like the worthless whore she is….

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