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David Arquette and Courtney Cox in Some Stupid Campaign of the Day

I am not sure if this is supposed to be funny. I am not even sure if David Arquette is still famous or if anyone knows who he is other than people who have seen Scream, I just know this is a furries fetish in the mainstream and I haven’t seen Furries porn in years….but I guess that’s because I’m not married to a monster like Courtney Cox, who although has fame I need to stay relevant, looks better dressed up as a sports mascot….

Either way, this is for some Domestic Dispute bullshit, Courtney Cox looks like hell, making me think that whatever she did to her face is the real crime against women.

Just be happy this video wasn’t staring Alexis Arquette…cuz that woulda taken on a whole new level of weird, not funny and borderline traumatic…

This whole thing is WAY too funny or die for me…seriously garbage and I am only posting it because I care about battered women finding a new safehaven on my dick…mainly because I like the way they cringe when I lift my hand to them…

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