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Jenna Jameson is My Internet Girlfriend of the Day

The highlight of my TWITTER experience was not the time I was one of 8 people blocked by Ashton Kutcher , or the period of time that Lindsay Lohan followed me before her evil group of evil friends told her not to, or the fact that every single celebrity who probably doesn’t even write their own twitter, but who instead use it as a money-making tool has blocked me, except for the Kim Kardashian pig….but that’s cuz we have an understanding…and she likes everyone, even insignificant people knowing what she’s up to…

The highlight of my TWITTER experience was when Jenna Jameson used to message me, despite the hundreds of men she’s fucked who she could reach out to, back before her husband beat her up and called her a meth addict…cuz she looks like she could be one…

Here she is not showing off her vagina…even though that’s kinda what we’d like from her…because that’s kinda her gig…even if she has a beautiful soul behind all that stale cum stained skin….but her father just died and in a pornstar world….father’s a myth…so it’s a pretty big deal.

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