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Marisa Miller for Some Magazine of the DAy

I get hate for hating on bitches everyone finds hot…and I am sure if more than one person read this site, I’d get more than one email a month about how offended a dude is cuz I called his favorite bitch who will never fuck him, fat, sloppy, boring, overrated, trashy, etc….

I guess people don’t understand that despite having no standards when it comes to getting my dick wet and sticking it in a warm, wet hole, that really doesn’t even have to be warm and wet, cuz I like the friction better, and it makes crying when I am done less embarrassing, or the shame a lot less for the bitch from lowering herself onto my cock, if the bitch is asleep or dead….

But when it comes to looking at pictures of these bitches who in Marisa Miller’s case look like the stripper who ran away from the stripclub and accidentally landed herself as an extra on some bikini volleyball movie, that lead to more low-level shit, until her 35th birthday when Victoria’s Secret decided to hire her cuz they were in need of a hard faced, middle aged, overrated, fake titty trashcan of a woman who looks all American cuz she is all American….only to have you followers jump up and down like a group of retards at the circus…thinking you were just exposed to something magnificent, when really it’s all just a big marketing lie…

Sure her body is good. Her face is alright. Her hair distracting…but she’s old and looks like a stripper…and I prefer strippers who know they are strippers, not ones who think they are important fixtures in the model world cuz they were in their underwear for Victoria’s Secret…cuz real strippers give a lot less attitude…

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