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Salma Hayek Big Cleavage of the Day

I know Salma Hayek is not the same Salma Hayek she once was, but as a Mexican I see it as my job to promote all good things Mexican and no matter how old her tits are, they are pretty much the best export other than Mexican food to eat and Ugly Betty to laugh at…

It’s one of those, whether she’s old or not, it doesn’t matter, cuz Mexican women aren’t meant to look this way, they are meant to be short, dumpy by 22 and moms to multiple kids fed by their hard work making hotel beds and their dad’s spend the day in siesta…but maybe I’m just throwing out stereotypes you white people want to hear….maybe the truth is all pussy in Mexica is Salma Hayek caliber, but I wouldn’t know, I haven’t been there since I was 5.

Here is her great mom cleavage…worth fucking a pinata over…I’ll tell you that much…slutty and conservative all at the sametime..this is like business casual…but better…and just as confusing…

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