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Tila Tequila Talks About Her Sex Tape of the Day

The highlight of this video is how full of shit Tila Tequila is….clearly she’s medicated and I am pretty sure she’s talking to one of her personalities in this video, because I highly doubt there’s a boyfriend extorting her and I am pretty sure she is the one doing everything she can to try to get herself famous by releasing a sex tape…

She’s slurring her words, she’s a mess, showing off her fake tits, and this is almost as sad as when she posted a stripshow and only 50,000 people watched the shit…

I know teen girls who get more views than that for posting videos of themselves brushing their teeth….

Only 20,000 people bothered watching this bullshit….it was posted 2 days ago….so I figure I should help her as she continues to fall apart into the fucking disaster she is…

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