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Some Sluts at the Horse Races of the Day

I guess horse racing has lost its appeal. There was a time when this was the most exclusive shit you could attend. You know high society in their hats betting all kind of money for a festive day at the races….it is some sophisticated gambling that takes some intelligence but now they are letting stripper trash through the doors….you know the kind of shit you’d expect to see rockin’ the slot machines in a Nevada gas station…with memories of her glory days rockin’ celebrity cock in the most luxurious suites Vegas had to offer…..for 1000 dollars an hour…but now she can’t even get work jerking off cows at a dude ranch….

Sure, in Carmen Electra’s defense, some of the most active horse betters I know are fat, old, french trash who live in a disgusting one room aparment near the track…so I guess there is room for her…and I guess it’s better in Australia, where these pics were taken, cuz she’s not getting shit done over here….

Gapped tooth bikini model who actually looks good outside of her stupid dresses and in bikinis was also there cuz she’s Australian….and possibly got kicked in the face by a kangaroo as a poor child who couldn’t afford surgery or orthodontists…

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  • No, Michele La Mountain, you got that all backwardsDriving like an idiot invites death…