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Kirsten Dunst Nude in All Good Things of the DAy

Kirsten Dunst was topless in a movie…We’ve all wanted to see her naked tits for a long time, because before she stopped showering, looked homless and like her pussy stank, she was this funny toothed girl with huge tits on a small frame…something I believe is worth celebrating….even if it is a few years too late…because really seeing tit on a bitch is never too late…sometimes those years of rock bottom is what they need to realize their worth to take on roles like this…cuz I know when she was peaking…she would never agree to show nipple…oh how the tables have turned…

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  1. 'Ol Dickless says:

    She reminds me of all the other New Jersey skanks that you can pick up in a bar after a few drinks and the promise of some bad cocaine, bang ‘em in every hole, and then take a few dollars out of their purses as you sneak out while they’re asleep and buy some KFC and a shot of penicillin from the inevitable drippy-dick she gave you.

  2. Dank says:

    She’s about six years too late in doing this. She should have gone topless in her Bring it on days. She still has an amazing ass i’d love to see though.

  3. roscoe says:

    I thought she was from MI, in which case you just have to promise them some Molsen and dust.

  4. roscoe says:

    for some reason I was thinking of Kristen Bell

  5. Bob Smith says:

    Did she do a wet t-shirt/see-through scene in spiderman 1?

  6. Really nice boobs. She just got better looking imo.

  7. boner says:

    If its good enough for spiderman, its good enough for me

  8. danplopp says:

    i want to donkey punch her

  9. yawn says:

    celebrities are like those marginal neighborhood chicks you grow up with.. its the familiarity you have with them that makes seeing them naked a turn on.. of course there are thousands of hotter chicks out there… but hot naked strangers are not the same as seeing a familiar chick naked…

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