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Brooke Burke in her Panties for Twitter of the Day

I don’t know about this Brooke Burke character. I just know she blocked me on twitter because I probably made a comment about how fucking boring she is.

I mean you’d want to think this bitch had some substance, or was interesting, because we have memories of her being on Wild On and in Playboy, but the truth is she’s just an empty vessel that carries around her fake tits…

She is an old mom of 4. Remember, with a serious fucking breeder comes a serious fucking breeder vagina.

Not that she has to worry about vagina – cuz based on these pics – she’s obviously obsessed with working out, cuz all I see when I see these pics are low estrogen levels, midget body builder legs, and silver panties….proving that sometimes, it’s better to keep your clothes on and instead of posting new pics of you trying to sex it up in the most desperate of way, post pics of your glory days, cuz that’s the only reason people care anyway….

This bitch is done…

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