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Liz Hurley Crazy Cleavage of the Day

Aged or not…when you fill out your dress like this…it just doesn’t matter. If anything being old is an advantage, cuz the only 18 year olds hormonal enough to pull off this kind of cleavage is usually not on that sized of a frame but instead in line at McDonalds for seconds cuz the first double Big Mac wasn’t enough for her….It takes years of getting fucked to blossom like this and when it comes to middel-aged pussy, there’s a sweetspot where they aren’t too old, or overly sloppy and disgustingly aged living in an Old Folk’s Home, where you’d only fuck them if you were working the old folks home late at night and their hearing aid was off for bed so she couldn’t hear you moving in on her, or remember the next day cuz of senility, and even if she did, she’d appreciate your cock, cuz it has been 20 years since their husband died and they just couldn’t bring themselves to move onto someone new….I mean….Liz Hurley hasn’t completely lost her sex appeal, even to guys who like bitches under 25…

I’m not even a tit guy…I’m just a guy and if a 70 year old retarded girl with AIDS in a ski helmet was banging her head against the wall long enough for me to mount her, stacked like this or not, I’d mount her but then again, history has proven that I would pretty much fuck anything that has a vagina and that isn’t “that” dead…

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  1. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    LH’s ass hole cunt holes are great.

  2. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    Motion was increasing in pace and I was groaning with pain as LH’s body was grinding my helpless shaft so tight that I was feeling intense heat and her vagina was red hot sending her climaxes after climaxes ,I cried for help and urged to stop rotation as it was so painful for me but LH shouted kill him root out his bloody cock let it dislodge permanently inside my cunt hole kill him ,I prayed GODDESS LH please spare me this time your ass hole was good but your cunt hole is so tight it will permanently ruin my cock, but LH was in so pleasure that she put deaf years to my prayer so with utmost pain I called Jesus O God give me strength to bear pain from my darling LH and I kept on pumping blood in to my cock and it became rock hard and filled the entire cunt hole of LH and gradually the two ladies felt as if it is becoming hard to rotate her body and it will damage LH’s cunt hole and it will bleed so they stopped and let her body and LH separated and removed her cunt hole ,both our organs were swollen to big extent and so also there was no opening to her lovely cunt hole ,I told let us make 69 that will decrease swelling and bring lubricant jelly ,it was 4.45pm so we sucked each other’s organs putting lot of saliva caressing with tongue and lo with her saliva my cock came to its previous shape and size by 5pm as if nothing has happened so far and so also the vagina of lovely LH ,I licked and licked like a hungry dog and put lot of saliva and her cunt hole was more in readiness than before ,LH kissed me telling darling I gave you much pain ,no my Goddess it was my pleasure forgive me if I have hurt you in my prayer, I applied the fragrant lubricant jelly in LH’s lovely holes i.e. ass and cunt a little deep massaged and put my cock in side to set the tune of fucking ,then again I slept face upwards and Ursula and Isabella put LH face downwards on my body my cock sliding inside her cunt hole fully slippery and wet and again the cart wheel fucking was done till 5.07 pm and turning LH down I quickly fucked her cunt hole then her prized ass hole and lastly unloaded my cum 50ml in her cunt hole now in a perfect position to devour my cum. Lastly I rested my cock inside LH’s ass hole and called Ursula near me applied jelly in both her holes so also I called Isabella and did the same and sharp at 5.12 pm plunged my instrument inside the now wide open ass hole of Ursula fucked her till 5.16 pm this time LH was kissing me and Isabella was sucking my balls ,where I asked Ursula in cunt or ass hole ,there inside my ass so at 5.18pm I deposited 30ml cum in Ursula’s ever demanding ass hole ,she was in frenzy thanking our GODDESS LH plenty and more plenty ,Isabella could know this so not losing a second she took my cock sucked and I put inside her cunt hole fucked for 2minutes but she told fuck my ass hole like sister Ursula so I did LH kissing me and Ursula sucking my balls and at 5.26pm I deposited another 30ml in small but accommodating ass hole of Isabella who was trembling with intense pleasure .Ursula and Isabella prayed LH fervently to allow me to defecate inside their hungry mouths tomorrow morning which they want to swallow ,but LH disallowed and they caught her feet and prayed LH said let be it tomorrow morning I may consider. It was 5.30 pm and snacks and coffee was brought to lessen our fatigue this time I licked LH’s feet and swallowed her spitting ,SHE wanted to milk my cock but Ursula told leave him this time keep it for night . Then we got dressed for a brief walk in the garden.

  3. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    LH was wearing a very transparent dress showing her dangling boos ,ass hole and buttocks are clearly visible to me so I was always looking towards her and my cock was erect like anything and this was also marked by all three ladies and we are talking with each other about our night plans where I will devote my full time for my darling LH , some two women were seen entering the garden premises and Ursula said it is Janet Smith secretary of PA and PA herself ,they came near us greeted PA embraced LH kissed told you are a fucking beauty, Janet and Ursula ,Isabella exchanged their words of courtesy ,PA saw LH’s visible beauty and my front portion ,winked at me ,we all talked and walked ,the luggage’s of PA has been to her rest room by maids ,so we returned to our place and LH ordered for coffee and snacks ,they three went to their room ,PA told she didn’t want to refresh as she is just from her hotel instead LH opened my zip letting loose my wild big cock vibrating showing half of its crimson head ,coffee was brought and maids were gone ,LH sat down took my pego in her mouth sucked and then milked 20ml cum .they divide it 10ml each and drank with coffee ,PA remarked yes very manly. After taking snacks LH ordered PA to suck me ,PA told so soon ,yes he starts immediately ,and I told LH darling should I ,oh yes she is my bosom friend we share our holes ,today we will also share , so PA sat down and removed her dress ,engulfed my cock and started sucking .

  4. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    She was less beautiful than LH, nor her boobs and body but the way she sucked was somewhat not satisfied me, PA sucked me till 6.45 pm a long 15 minutes and her mouth was full of froth ,LH was holding PA’s boobs and PA told me to unload in her mouth ,I kissed my darling LH no it can’t be ,LH rebuked me you should so we continued for another 5 minutes and when I could not be blown ,LH removed my cock from PA ‘s mouth I wiped it clean and somewhat washed in water and then LH started sucking and in 2 minutes I deposited 40 ml hot thick cum in her mouth ,LH snow balled the entire amount in to PA’s mouth ,PA was astonished but swallowed every drop and danced with joy ,you are so lucky LH I envy you ,you are a beauty of marvel the best in the world, thank you honey, again LH requested PA to show me her ass which I examined was not like LH’s ,LH put some saliva from her mouth inside it and guided my strong cock which entered effortlessly ,PA was over pleased thank you darling sister LH you are so good I cannot repay your generosity darling fuck my ass hole hard gmrf fuck me there ,I kissed LH and fucked PA’s ass hole violently for long 10 minutes ,LH inquired are there any rings, yes all rings are there ,destroy them ,no madam not possible now, then unload so I caressed LH ‘s boobs and fucked hard PA’s ass hole and PA was shouting with pleasure give me your cum ,feed my hole but I could not unload and looked at LH for help it was already 20 minutes ass fucking to PA ,so LH removed my cock and told PA to guide it inside her(LH) ass hole and when it was there I fucked LH and in 2 minutes I was about to discharge LH ordered you very quickly withdraw and load in PA’s ass hole so I did and loaded PA’s ass hole with another 30 ml and PA was so happy she thanked LH ,Oh Goddess you are my life I have never been fed like this. Now my cock was still inside PA’s ass hole and I fucked her a little more sending my cum to all corners of her ass hole PA danced with joy and when I removed she again sucked it clean and I washed with water and LH took it inside her mouth and sucked made it hard and asked me to fuck PA’s cunt hole and LH guided it there and it went effortlessly as it was wide open. I started stroking PA was having 100s of climaxes by this time and LH was describing her about our adventures and the way I destroyed all her anal rings and fucked her nonstop entire night without removing my cock from her holes for fraction i.e. 1/1000th of a second and how the milked me as when needed and how I was fond of her holes especially her ass hole and how I became her slave and ate her entire shit etc etc….., and now it was approaching 7.20 but on repeated request from PA I was not able to feed her cunt hole ,so this time also LH removed it from PA’s cunt hole and asked PA to guide inside her cunt hole and when it was done my cock throbbed inside LH’s lovely accommodating cunt hole and in 2 minutes ready to unload and this time I begged I will unload there in LH ‘s cunt hole so I did violently watched by curious PA and when I removed my throbbing shaft PA licked it and put her mouth to LH’s cunt hole drank from there all my 30 ml cum mixed with cunt saliva of Goddess LH danced with joy, it was approaching 7.30pm for our early dinner. My shaft was hanging like a trunk of elephant before LH who kissed and told –it has got massive work ahead this night with all 6 holes of us and you be equal to PA like me. PA thanked LH darling I am really grateful to you, you have given me the best in my life. LH kissed PA and both of them kissed my hanging cock.

  5. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    We were called by Ursula, Isabella and Janet for early dinner, so with very formal dress and both LH and PA with highly transparent all visible dress went for. We three were served in our room and the other three had in their accompanying room. Ursula closed our door and we all three sat for eating and started soup when LH told PA ,we should add his energy liquid in our soup and drink, how exclaimed PA, come and sit here , both of them milked my cock in their tender hands and collected 15ml each in their cup ,stirred it and drank, then we took our food drank a little wine and I looked in to the speaking eyes of damsel LH who was describing PA how I use to fuck her ass hole nonstop for hours loading and feeding her ass hole with litres of hot thick cum. And how I feed her on the first day litres and litres of delicious cum and she was so fed that no food was necessary and how I destroyed all her bloody obstructing anal rings together nearly killing her in that process of destroying setting her ass hole first in the world to be like that for fucking without any slightest obstruction at all ,and how I enlarged her cunt hole for the first time to that looseness not even done by my past thousand fuckers sometimes fucking with two or three cocks , how my cock was equivalent to four big cocks, how I fucked her holes like a cart wheel a new way of intimate fucking , with these words PA was listening like a statue and looking at my already erect shaft ,my cock was throbbing looking at lovely LH so I winked and we all three entered our room where the most amorous game will be played for these two beautiful whores ,their secretaries Ursula, Isabella and Janet entered and wished best of luck to PA saying madam we hope your holes will be not the same tomorrow morning. It was just approaching 8 PM, so I kissed my darling LH, LH became completely nude so also PA with their white boobs standing tall in their chests and holes winking at my cock to devour cum nonstop, first PA attacked me sucking my cock which was more than mouthful to her, I made her sit below LH and near LH’s both holes so that I can fuck alternate LH’s holes wetting my cock in PA’s mouth.

  6. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    That was done. PA wetted my cock in her mouth and pushed my wet lubricated cock inside cunt hole of LH herself again after few strokes removed sucked well and made it inside lovely ass hole of LH and this continued till 8.30 pm nonstop when satisfied LH wanted to sacrifice my cum for her friend in a token of friendship, so LH ordered me to make PA kneel doggy style4 and attack her cunt hole and unload my cum,I hesitated ,LH told me you are telling you are my slave now you are turning down my order ,madam how can I ,I am and every drop of my cum belongs to you for these 4 days ,but GMRF PA is me ,we are no different so fuck her and unload ,so I fucked PA’s cunt hole violently giving her hundreds of climaxes , her cunt hole was very loose and little sticky with poor salivation so I begged LH for her saliva and applied on my cock and carried out fucking , I tried to push my crimson head tip in to her womb but PA cried with pain again as my cock was filling her entire cunt hole and PA was in a very choking situation I refrained from giving her more pain, LH told you dilate her cunt hole maximum in coming attacks unload now or she may faint and when PA cried and begged unload tormentor you greatest fucker of the world and my friend LH ,I unloaded 40ml with her vibrating body in to her deep cunthole. LH congratulated PA kissing her softly and told now he will destroy your anal rings to set your ass hole totally fuckable for rest of your life like mine.

  7. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    But PA was so overwhelmed that she spoke let him fuck your cunt hole and unload and then will take care of my ass hole. LH replied oh fucky don’t be so polite first get rid of your bloody hindering anal rings you will not the same after this and second in the world to be ravished of your fucking ring musculatures after me in a natural fucking way of destruction now gmrf will demonstrate you how well I will be fucked in my already ring free ass hole and LH winked at me I was waiting for that ,begging saliva from her mouth to apply on my hard cock I got plenty and wetting my stone hard cock gently pushed inside the white ass hole of LH which sucked it completely in with a vacuum like sound and PA was astonished and when I started fucking in and out a splashing sound came with each stroke I fucked like that for 10 minutes and then LH cornered PA and put much saliva inside entrance of PA’s ass hole and ordered me to fuck PA’s ass hole ,I begged madam let me first unload in your ass hole then I will fuck her ass hole but LH got angry with me you are my slave and servant and you have no choice no freedom do as ordered you bloody ass fucker ,so with pleasure I begged LH to spit in to my mouth and when she did I removed my hardest cock and gently made it to enter inside the already wet by LH’s saliva ass hole of PA and started my movement telling LH ,darling should I ravish all her rings yes you fool all but the lowest one leave it for smooth defecation ,LH you promise you will feed your slave tomorrow morning again your sweet delicious shits ,I will see , you do as ordered so I entered deep and enlarged my cock and with 5 minutes well fucking all corners of PA’s ass hole giving climaxes after climaxes to PA who was crying with pleasure and thanking LH I told LH to ask PA to hold her breath so that I will destroy her upper rings and when I did PA groaned with pain told remove your cock my ass hole will be torn in to pieces ,LH kissed and soothed her wait PA you will enjoy by this time PA’s first upper ring was torn and then I destroyed her middle and lower 2 rings of the upper anal sphincter with that much of pain and crying and took a little rest but all the time PA was requesting and praying LH to remove my destroying cock or she will die on the spot, then I pulled my cock a little down and made it very big and it torn PA’s upper middle and lower rings of her middle anal sphincters one by one in less than 10 minutes with sever unbearable pain to her PA groaned I am dying with severe pain O Christ save me from this animal destroying my ass hole brutally, LH was kissing PA passionately in her crying mouth suppressing her groan and LH told me don’t lose any time take this opportunity and destroy her rings of lowest sphincter leaving only the last ,no no no don’t do that darling LH I will die but all these fell in to our deaf ears and I lowered my cock a little in PA’s asshole and enlarged my cock to massive dimensions and attacked PA’s concluding lowest three but upper two rings and lo both the rings were torn with huge sound and PA fainted losing her senses.

  8. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    LH congratulated me and looked at deeply content face of PA told me see how satisfied and cool PA is, I prayed LH to call me slave and spit in to my mouth and when she did my anal ring destroying cock rose to large dimension,so gently LH milked few drops of thick cum took on her fingertip and applied opening the lips of PA in her mouth like tooth paste gel. Smell of my manly cum aroused PA and she opened her eyes a little.

  9. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    . LH thanked me a lot, you have given her a life which PA will always remember you during her ass hole fucking and will enjoy her life, thank you LH but I whispered in to her lovely sexy ears PA is not as beautiful as you no she is, LH I am your slave and your feet licker, you are also my all holes fucker , yes LH I am also your shit eater, by this time PA was gaining her consciousness and thanked LH in a low voice ,darling LH I am indebted to you ,I am feeling great and feeling I have no ass hole now, LH told wait he has not yet unloaded in to your deep ass hole as you fainted .It was 9.30pm now .So LH ordered me to enter in to her asshole and demonstrate the fucking to PA ,I was eagerly waiting for the command and plunged my stone hard inside the lovely ass hole LH without any slightest resistance, prayed her LH I am unable to hold myself ,should I unload ,no you bloody hold yourself you have to fuck PA;s ass hole and unload there ,don’t dare to unload now, so I begged her saliva and swallowed and fucked her with loud splashing sounds sadak sadak which made PA very alert and PA remarked oh LH how lucky you are you have an ass hole which sounds like an orchestra. I fucked LH’s ass hole holding my cum for 15 minutes in to every corner of her ass hole and when she was content ordered me to be inside PA’s swollen ass hole so gently I pushed and PA was now in delight to highest point and shouted and I fucked PA hammering slow with care anointing already ravished rings sliding my cock very gently which she said she has never been ass fucked like this in her entire life and it is a very very unexperienced pleasure for her and she must thank LH million times for this ,oh DARLING LH you are my ass and cunt sister LH kissed her and caressed my balls and told gmrf you have hold cum for nearly more than 1 hour now unload it in PA’s dilated ass hole, I replied slowing down my pace yes LH I must obey your orders ,but PA told darling LH my life order your slave to feed his huge amount cum I am feeling very hungry ,so LH squeezed my balls yes you unload in her mouth and feed her ,so giving PA some more firm strokes in her dilated ass hole I removed and gave her to suck the hard and big cock wet everywhere with her ass hole saliva, it was now approaching 10.30pm and PA was sucking my cock nonstop to make it vomit in to her thirsty mouth and she already sucked it for 30 minutes and no sign of cumming ,PA pointed in her hand and finger – LH order him to unload so LH ordered me again telling are finished and is dry now ,no LH I am full with it and my cock only looks at your lovely ass hole

  10. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    you bloody slave you are unable to load my best friend’s ass hole LH kicked in my balls with her lovely foot, oh darling kick me again oh darling I am liberated from all my sin with your kick please kick me hard ,LH was angry now she spitted on my mouth and kicked me on my back hard and told remove your cock from her mouth ass fuck me and at the time of ejaculation feed her ass hole and mouth ,I prayed her please spit in mouth again and kick me with your lovely feet and when she did that I pushed my cock inside her lovely asshole withdrawing from PA’s mouth and within a minute I was about to unload so I signalled and told LH this who quickly asked PA to open her mouth and I unloaded 20ml in to PA’s mouth again I quickly pushed my spending cock inside PA’s ass hole and unloaded another 20ml there and finally entered inside LH’s ass hole and unloaded final 20ml a total of 60 ml and fell flat on the floor . Giving no time and not taking pity on me LH mounted on me putting her wide open cunt entirely covering my mouth and nose and choked me hard making me not able to breathe myself and asked PA to torture me by squeezing my neck to suffocation and herself bent and took my cock and sucked it and leaving my cock bit my right ball hard with her pearly teeth and injured it blood coming from it, I did not cry because I was choked in my mouth, nose and neck and again when LH tried to bite and eat my left ball in total I made my groin out of her reach and sprayed my cum on her lovely billion dollar white boobs and both of them left me there to shiver in pain and PA wiped all my flowing cum from LH’s boobs and chest and swallowed with delight ,LH took my injured left ball inside her mouth and sucked and with her saliva bleeding stopped and I was freed from pain.

  11. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    PA explained darling how he is going to l fuck us whole night with his injured balls, best beauty LH replied he is going to fuck with his shaft not balls, darling if you order your slave he can fuck with balls both the lovely holes I prayed, with your injured balls ,yes it will heal once it comes in contact with your cunt hole and ass hole saliva the you detach both my balls from my body with your teeth and roast them and chew so that you be will be younger by 20 years ,I will do that and also cut your cock and eat it raw ,yes my Mistress I want to die at your noble feet and when I will thus die you keep my body in a burrow and shit and piss over my body till it is covered with your nectars in years and years and years because you will be this beautiful for 100 years to come.PA was excited , please order him ball fuck I want to see this new fucking and in reality LH ordered me for ball fucking and being her slave I carried out ,I slept face up and LH sucked my cock and both balls ,cock was standing like a big shaft ,then I collected her body and made her to sit on my groin and to hold both my balls pulling as much as down and guide both the balls inside her wide open lovely ass hole and easily both my balls entered and I prayed her to tighten and loose her only left sphincter and fuck me thus my balls fucked her asshole and LH signalled PA to sit on my erect cock putting in her ass hole and fuck me thus both the ladies fucked me till 11pm for 30 minutes then they exchanged their position and my balls were in PA’s ass hole and cock in LH’s asshole and thus they fucked me till 11.30 pm and I was about to come when LH suddenly tightened her ass hole and squeezed my cock I thought it was torn off but her ass hole bite was so hard I cried with pain and forgot to unload ,then LH sucked my balls and PA sucked my cock wet with LH’s ass hole fluid I prayed LH to spit in my mouth and LH ordered me to unload in PA’s mouth and feed her but I fucked PA’s mouth till 12 night no cum came out so LH punished me telling you have become dry bloody man and kicked my buttock I was very happy.

  12. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    Then again PA demanded LH to order me to make her swallow my cum and so LH gave me another kick and told me you bloody man have you become dry why are you not feeding my friend and PA started sucking my cock and LH my balls and after 15 minutes I prayed to exchange and when LH sucked my cock I exploded 40ml thick cum in her mouth and she snowballed into mouth of her friend the entire amount like a small fountain of cheese like thick shreds.

  13. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    PA was so stunned that she swallowed for entire 5 minutes entire of it with LH’s sweet saliva making the amount to > 45 ml and out of exertion of fucking continuously for two hours and sucking by greedy PA and now with exploding for the first time I fainted, PA cried still half quantity in her mouth darling LH he has lost his senses please see, LH jumped over me and sat on my belly her cunt pressing over my belly ,she force fully opened my mouth and spitted into it again she squeezed my neck suffocating me and PA cried he will die ,no he will not die squeeze his balls hard and suck his cock and when LH pressed my neck like strangulating me for 2 minutes I suddenly breathed and she released her hands loose and sat on my face and nose and mouth so that I am unable to breathe ,PA cried is he able to breathe ,no not at all, we should kill him and eat his cock and balls raw and throw his body in to our large oven ,PA yes we should so darling choke him LH choked me hard and I lost my senses again and my breathing stopped ,PA cried he has died so please leave him ,no let me choke him for another 5minutes so that he will die completely , LH sat firmly on my face putting her holes over my nose and mouth blocking very very tightly and almost I died ,but a small insect reached near the asshole of LH and she stood up scratched and went to kitchen to bring kitchen knife ,I was lying motionless ,LH returned in few seconds and she was very furious ,holding my cock in her slender and beautiful left hand from PA’s mouth she brought the knife down to cut my penis from the root but as she held it the cock rose and became stony hard and PA told let me ride it before you cut and LH guided it inside the ass hole of PA ,are you fucking a dead body ,no darling he has just died it is strong so PA fucked me for 3-4 minutes and then asked LH to ride and now Goddess LH rode my body guiding my stone hard cock in her ass hole and started fucking me ,my body received energy from this Goddess and I opened my eyes and started breathing slowly and LH shouted see PA this bloody man has not died yet ,gradually I became conscious and prayed LH to torture me .

  14. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    But Goddess LH denied it is wanted that you will live and not die otherwise I would have cut your cock and balls to pieces and divide among we two to chew and swallow see I have brought the knife halfway from my fucking and you gained your strength now and we will feed you energy drinks and you will take rest and as it was 1.30 am now ,from 2am onwards you will have double fucking from both of us and you will eat PA’s saliva etc and will exclusively fuck her till 6 am it is my order ,yes LH but please be sure to torture me and punish me so LH kicked me hard on my back and blew her nose in to my mouth with plenty phlegm I devoured, LH slept on my right side and PA on left I caressed LH cuddled her and LH kissed me’ o darling my life I want to die sleeping with you like this ‘ I told LH ,but she was looking to PA and told her do you need anal more ,PA answered let him take a little rest ,LH told no ,no rest he is my slave and still living and breathing see what I am doing LH kicked me very hard on my back as if breaking my bones and laughed , still now the knife is here and here are his organs I can cut for eating together with you remember he is my slave and I can do anything to him. I told thank you Goddess LH. I prayed LH can I enter your lovely ass hole?

  15. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    It was only 1minutes to 2am and as LH has ordered that ‘from 2am onwards you will have double fucking from both of us and you will eat PA’s saliva etc and will exclusively fuck her till 6 am it is my order’ so not missing a second LH and PA mercilessly bound my hands and legs and made me to lie face upwards , LH stood on my erect shaft and balls and with her lovely sexy feet tormented my balls trading again and again and also stood on my shaft and asked me to erect my cock and make her body move upwards and with all my force I erected my cock and LH’s lovely body was lifted upwards by my cock,PA remarked oh LH it is really wonderful gmrf has the strongest cock of the world ,LH came down and told PA to spit plenty on my cock and wrap it wet with her pestles and herself sat over me taking my wet cock inside her lovely tight virgin ass hole and made to hammer me mercilessly for 20 minutes asking PA to squeeze my balls and then along with my cock she told PA to push inside her ass hole both my hanging innocent balls and PA could made it easily now my balls and cock all three are in LH’s ass hole burrow and suddenly LH tightened her anal ring and my all three are jammed inside her nothing visible outside. I cried with pain

  16. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    It was only 1minutes to 2am and as LH has ordered that ‘from 2 am onwards you will have double fucking from both of us and you will eat PA’s saliva etc and will exclusively fuck her till 6 am it is my order’ so not missing a second LH and PA mercilessly bound my hands and legs and made me to lie face upwards , LH stood on my erect shaft and balls and with her lovely sexy feet, tormented my balls treading again and again and also stood on my shaft and asked me to erect my cock and make her body move upwards and with all my force I erected my cock and LH’s lovely body was lifted upwards by my cock, PA remarked oh LH it is really wonderful gmrf has the strongest cock of the world ,LH came down and told PA to spit plenty on my cock and wrap it wet with her pestles and herself sat over me taking my wet cock inside her lovely tight virgin ass hole and made to hammer me mercilessly for 20 minutes asking PA to squeeze my balls and then along with my cock she told PA to push inside her ass hole both my hanging innocent balls and PA could made it easily now my balls and cock all three are in LH’s ass hole burrow and suddenly LH tightened her anal ring and my all three are jammed inside her capacious ass hole nothing visible outside. I cried with pain but LH became more violent, tightened her anal ring and I prayed LH please root out my cock and balls detach them and I want to die here under your feet and get salvation, PA was at a loss LH leave him he will die let his balls be out ,but LH ordered jam his mouth and face with your ass hole and stop his breathing and choke him put all your body weight over his face gag him to death his limbs are bound he cannot move and free himself , choke him and kill him ,

  17. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    I replied yes LH my balls and cock are yours and my life and body are also yours ,every drop of my sperm is yours I want to die for you darling please kill me with your slender hands and root out my cock and balls from my body , I could not finish my last words as PA gagged my mouth and nose with her ass hole smelling bad and not as fragrant as that of LH , PA sat very tightly over my mouth and nose and I was unable to breath and I fumbled O Christ I am dying let LH live for hundred years with such beauty as today and I lost my senses again ,PA cried to LH he is not breathing and lying still his heart is not beating he may die and LH told let him die like this gag him gag him hard and never let him loose don’t take mercy on him but cunningly PA loosened her ass and a very little air entered my nose and again PA loosened and still a little more air entered and I breathed a little still my cock and balls are inside LH’s ass hole and finally PA stood up and told LH let myself fuck him cock and ball ,LH inquired see he is living or dead ,LH you please see yourself ,so LH bent down and opened my mouth and spitted inside it I became conscious and prayed LH ,it was going to be 3am so very lightly LH removed my balls from her ass hole and asked PA to lick them my cock grew very hard in LH’s asshole and I begged her to fuck me and drain me but LH scolded you slave you should have fucked PA and feed her your cum ,now come in my ass and feed her and so LH fucked me by her ass and when I unloaded she removed my spending cock and asked PA to swallow my cum. Pa was satisfied but not giving me fraction of a second LH sucked my shaft and again made it stony hard and ordered me to suck PA ‘s dirty ass hole, so I sucked and it opened and LH pushed my cock inside it and asked PA to fuck me ,PA hammered me for 10 minutes and then LH holding my both my balls pushed them effortlessly inside the wide open ass hole of PA .

  18. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    PA in turn squeezed her asshole tight and my cock and balls are crushed inside her asshole I could not bear the pain and prayed LH ,LH please take mercy on me ,LH frowned no mercy you are my slave and LH asked PA to tighten more and more till I cried with pain and tears rolled from my eyes O God Christ it is unbearable ,listening this LH sat over my face putting her ass hole and cunt hole over my mouth and nose and gagged me making me not able to take breathing ,see PA is properly choked and LH sat firm and tight leaving me completely choked ,this time he will die and sat putting all her body weight ,but her ass and cunt hole are so fragrant that I brethed from those holes well LH also passed farts in to my nose and mouth thus I enjoyed her gagging and after 10 minutes LH left me to find living and breathing .

  19. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    My cock and balls were still inside PA’s ass hole and somewhat loose with no pain, I caught hold of LH’s beautiful buttock and licked her ass hole like a hungry dog I licked LH’s ass hole very well ,LH told PA now my ass needs his cock and I have not been fucked in my ass for last few years ,I prayed LH ,Goddess you are GREAT and my life giver your virgin ass hole is not touched by any cock ,how can I fuck you Goddess forgive me ,shit on my mouth I am your life long slave, but by this time PA has loosened my balls out and my shaft was there inside her bitchy ass hole so turning her down I fucked her ass hole like a horse and crying LIVE FOR THOUSAND YEARS MY GODDESS LH in a loud voice I unloaded 20ml in to PA’s ass hole and PA thanked LH darling he has pumped in to my ass hole ,LH told well he should he is my slave I need not thank her but do not lose his cock he will directly plunge it in my ass hole in fraction of a second it is my order and in a twinkle of an eye my cock was buried in LH’s lovely ass hole as it was strong and steel hard and LH started grinding it mercilessly with her lovely ass hole and lo in less than 2 minutes I unloaded 30 ml in her lovely demanding ass hole .

  20. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    Still my cock was hard in LH’s ass hole and all my cum has been soaked by her ass hole so LH started fucking me again telling PA to suck and torture my balls and within minutes I spent another 30ml in to LH’s ass hole . LH spitted in to my mouth and I swallowed with delight, I want it third time you have not fucked my ass hole for last 10 years, yes LH my Goddess, and my cock was soaked dry by her powerful ass hole and LH fucked me again hammering mercilessly like a boxing woman and within minutes I unloaded another 30 ml in to her hungry ass hole. It was 4 am now.
    LH ordered me to fuck PA for from 4 am to 6 am nonstop and unload maximum. But PA took pity on me, LH he has just spent so many times and you have drained from him nearly 90ml cum in less than 10 minutes, allow him a little rest , no no he should not take rest not even for a fraction of a second he is my slave and will serve me every second he has no freedom ,ride him and hammer his rod extract from him the last drop and make him dry kill him torture him ,LH caught hold of my falling cock applied her saliva uncapped and capped many times and I prayed her and no quicker my cock was stone hard she plunged my cock inside the ass hole of PA again. ,I lifted PA and gathered her body my balls hanging and I made PA’s entire body to fuck me well in rhythm when LH was sucking my balls from below biting with her teeth. I took PA like a child to different corners of the room like that and fucked hard for 30 minutes non-stop when PA became exhausted I put her on the bed and begged LH that PA should fuck me from the top. That was granted but as PA was exhausted she requested LH to carry out fucking by hammering me from above. So LH rose like a lioness and scolded me you have fucked PA in a bad manner and now she is exhausted I will punish you for this ,yes LH my GODDESS I am happy to be punished by you ,so LH latched me mercilessly with a cane and then when told I am coming after pissing I caught hold of feet and prayed Goddess kindly piss in to my mouth I will be obliged and that was done I licked her cunt clean and begged to fuck her so when allowed I put my massive organ in her cunt hole LH you are a virgin and you are like an untouched woman and your holes are virgin and thus I started fucking her like a giant seeing which PA fainted LH ordered me lick her cunt hole and ass hole ,that was done and I carried out till 5am when LH ordered me to unload and instantly I unloaded 30 ml in to her cunt hole. Then I prayed her to latch me hard again mercilessly with the cane for my wrong fucking to PA, but PA restrained her he may die with such beating LH leave her, but LH told he should get hard punishment so that he will not repeat it again.

  21. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    Then I licked PA’s holes like a dog smelling foul and again LH took my pego in her mouth and sucked like a wild animal for long 30 minutes in a very lecherous manner that no woman has sucked like that and then ordered me to unload in to PA’s mouth, but PA told darling you receive it and snow ball to me. That was done to my 30ml unloading and it was approaching 5 am so only one hour i.e. 60 minutes are left for the concluding activities of the 3rd day and LH knew it well.
    So she (LH) ordered that I should do justice to all 6 hungry holes of them as they have not been fucked at all for last one year. You are expected to unload 60 ml in one hour i.e. 30 ml each time in 30 minutes, so now you have to unload 10ml every 10 minutes in all our 6 holes. Please order me LH the way I will start, so LH instructed but PA interrupted first he will fuck in your mouth ,LH opined then in your mouth ,PA continued then in your cunt hole ,then in mine and similarly lastly in your ass hole and finally in mine. And without losing a second LH sucked my cock in different positions and drained from me 10ml then in turn PA sucked taking my cock in that wet state from the mouth of LH and found that not a trace of my cum was there.PA instantly engulfed my cock and sucked and sucked and when after 8 minutes sucking when I failed to unload she looked at LH and quickly LH took over my cock in her mouth and within 2 minutes sucking I unloaded 10 ml in her voluptuous mouth which she snowballed in to mouth of dirty PA. PA swallowed whole material like a hungry child not fed for months .Without waiting for fraction of a second I prayed LH to suck my cock again and when the voluptuous lady did that my cock became stone hard and LH sat over my cock making it completely inside her butthole and pounded me mercilessly like an wild mare for next 10 minutes and extracted from me 10ml cum, and called PA near and ordered me to plunge in PA’s butthole in twinkle of an eye.

  22. GangaMaipaRegularFucker says:

    Similarly PA pounded me mercilessly like a wild mare more violently like LH and when PA did it for 10 minutes I failed to feed her ass hole she complained to LH, so LH beat me with cane violently and at a point realised and withdrew my rod from her ass hole and guided it inside her and after ½ a minutes fucking I was to unload but LH ordered me to feed PA in her mouth and now came the turn of LH’s cunt hole . Without waiting for less than fraction of a second LH rode on me and my cock was jammed in her virgin cunt hole and pounded me mercilessly like a wild mare for next 10 minutes and extracted from me 10ml cum, and called PA near and ordered me to plunge in PA’s cunt hole in twinkle of an eye. As it was the last activity of the third day I prayed LH and PA sat on my hard cock it being deep till her hilt and without waiting for less than fraction of a second pounded me mercilessly like a wild mare for next 10 minutes shouting madly ,it was approaching 6am and still I am yet to unload knowing this LH showed me her cunt hole and ordered me to go inside and when this was done my cock was about to vomit but knowing that LH separated her body and ordered me to feed PA’s cunt hole. After this we all three lay exhausted in one another’s arms for next 30 minutes. But I was awakened by LH sharp at 6.30am and she caressing my balls and my body with swollen stripes from her merciless cane beating so quickly I got up and prayed her and begged her for piss in my mouth so she sat and spitted in to my mouth and sat over my face and pissed in to my mouth which I drank with extreme pleasure ,she caught hold of my cock and applied her fragrant saliva plenty and masturbated with her most beautiful slender hands and when I was about to come she stopped and gagged my mouth choking me I prayed her LH I want your shit ,no if you like ask PA no not PA so LH scolded me but latter kissed me oh gmrf how much you respect and regard me ,yes LH you are my Goddess and life ,my life is at your hands . I surrender my body and everything to you. My life body everything belongs to you , you can do anything to me my life is yours GODDESS. So LH caught hold of my cock applied her saliva plenty and masturbated in her slender hands and extracted 10ml first morning dose for her .

  23. GangamaipaRegularFucker says:

    When she awakened and knew that I have fed LH 10 ml she was astonished and felt sorry .LH told you are my friend PA and so gmrf could you unload another 10ml ,If you order my GODDESS. So LH sucked my cock and in less than 2 minutes it vomited the desired mouthful amount and LH fed PA like a bird feeding her chicken and PA thanked LH a lot.

    Day 4 concluding day:
    Ursula had planned in detail for the grand activities to be celebrated on the concluding day involving all of us. She had detailed what will be done in which order and I presume how she could do all these and not asking Goddess LH.
    1. Goddess LH the supreme beauty
    2. PA the lesser beauty
    3. Ursula herself
    4. Janet Smith secretary of PA
    5. Isabella Addl Secretary to LH
    3 types of Fuckings
    1. Fucking
    2. Fuckance and
    3. Fucking holes (determined and alone).
    After feeding two ladies I prayed at the feet of my Goddess LH to fuck me herself whole day and night and extract from me @ 1ml /minute to a total of 24X60 minutes =1440 ml say 1500ml i.e. 1.5 liters of cum in one day which will be all time record any woman extracted from a man .PA heard this sleeping with exertion OMG he will give us one and half liters cum in a day ,how darling LH ,LH replied he is my slave I am her Goddess he will carry out all my orders word by word he may die but he is determined to do he has promised and said me . LH you are my Goddess and life ,my life is at your hands , I surrender my body and everything to you. My life body everything belong to you, you can do anything to me my life is yours GODDESS.
    We took some time for cleaning bathing and dressing ourselves, then a grand ceremony was arranged to worship and pray Goddess LH the incarnation of heavenly beauty and GODDESS of eternal beauty. I fall upon Her beautiful feet and licked and prayed Her with salutations and prayed Her to kick me hard with Her feet so that I will get salvation from all my sins and will mingle with her good deeds. She did kick me hard and again I prayed harder and The Goddess did and finally I prayed Her to hit me with hardest possible kick so that my bones should break and lo SHE did and I fainted, LH ordered leave him like that he will rise automatically and one by one all prayed and worshiped Her so also PA, by this time I have gained my consciousness and again prayed Her to feed me Her saliva. And lo! She did out of grace ,I again prayed her ,prayed Her and prayed Her and LH ordered you ejaculate here in front of me 10 ml most thick all will take a little and out session will begin sharp at 8AM , Ursula begged LH to announce all to take breakfast immediately to save time and be punctual .Again LH with her melodious voice declared and instructed Ursula ‘Don’t feed him at all so that he can fuck well and not be lazy only feed her stimulants like soup, tea ,coffee and my urine .I prayed Goddess LH and told her always call me Your slave ,beat me, bind me ,torture me like a kept animal don’t forget I am Your lifelong slave and feet licker.
    I thanked LH, She winked at me ‘discharge now my slave’ I put my head before Her feet and prayed again, went near her and Ursula started undressing Her and my organ grew seeing her nude I licked her toes and in less than one minute slowly deposited very thick 10 ml semen from my bursting cock over her beautiful feet and LH sitting like that licked my cock clean then and there it vomited another 10ml inside Her mouth ,others noted that my cock is vibrating inside Her mouth but only Ursula could know that I am feeding her. So all came one by one and took a portion of the thick semen paste from Her feet and ate as a first thing in morning. Then PA licked Her feet clean and all went to dining place to have breakfast.PA requested LH allow Your slave a little breakfast how he is going to fuck all of us day long without taking any food. No he should not take any solid food it will interfere with his performance. Again LH ordered all of us to become strack nude and so also make me nude and bind me in that corner.
    Breakfast was served ,I was given a soup ,I prayed LH to urinate in my soup as it was knowingly brought by a big bowl so She did and the maid released my binding I drank with much relish the nectar of LH and my organ grew very hard. LH was just beginning to take Her soup and remarked he should be released of his load or he will soil the floor seeing my nude body ,I thanked Her yes Madam it will be who can control him after seeing your marvelous nude body! She came near me I touched her feet ,LH then and there in front of all my would be fuckers extracted from me telling give only 5ml not more keep for the whole day forget your food . I prayed Her again and again.

  24. GangamaipaRegularFucker says:

    Then all the women got cleaned after taking breakfast and all were nude to their bones ,LH ordered to bind my hands and legs stretching so that the face and cock are upwards and She looked to all her companions four in number ,PA remarked darling LH you have to inaugurate the beginning.
    It was 10 minutes to 8AM so we started our last day activities with first thing by our GODDESS AND ALL TIME BEAUTY GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT SUPREME LH.

  25. GangamaipaRegularFucker says:

    She came over me and stood over my face showing clearly her holes winking at me and Her boobs are hanging like marble balls with pouting and throbbing nipples ,as I was bound and fixed I could not touch Her pious lotus feet and so I prayed make me touch and worship Your feet ,She moved her left foot to my left palm and so also like that Her right foot I touched both and worshiped and prayed Her to kick me ,She kicked my hard cock I yelled with pain again I prayed Her to kick me still harder and dislodge my hard cock from my groin and She did this time I nearly fainted with pain, LH spitted on my cock and sat over my face putting her ass in my nose choking it completely and Her wide open cunt on my mouth closing it completely ,I was almost choked and breathed from her ass and mouth a sweet breathing only granted to Gods, I could hear Her calling all four ladies towards my groin ,She suddenly grabs my hard cock and puts lot of saliva and caps and uncaps the cover and ordered me to explode ,I prayed Her call me your slave LH tells my feet licking slave explode 10ml and She winks at Ursula to bring a cup and spoon and to collect my cum ,it was done and LH ordered to distribute 2ml each to all and Herself massaged 1ml each on her boobs. 10ml/8am

  26. GangamaipaRegularFucker says:

    It was going to be 8am LH ordered Ursula to suck my cock to harden it and She gave some saliva for this. When it was ready She told U to ride it and not to fuck then Isabella sat, then Janet and lastly PA, PA requested Her LH I will fuck him for few minutes but LH refused and Herself sat over my cock taking it to the very deep hault and pounded mercilessly her vaginal fluid sprinkling from all sides, like this She hammered me for long 10minutes and my cock absorbed all her fluid and She ordered now come and lo I pumped 10ml from below with convulsing my bound body.10ml /8.10 am

  27. GangamaipaRegularFucker says:

    This time when She lifted Her body from mine and my cock was flaccid from the exertion done by the hammering by Her PA again came near asking Her darling LH I will fuck him, no wait She asked Isabella to suck my flaccid cock giving Her saliva from her mouth and when it was strong again She sat over it taking it in her ass hole deep up to her navel. LH pounded me mercilessly for another 10 minutes like a hot animal

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