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Salma Hayek Covers Up for Water Safety of the Day

I like the kind of women who aren’t 40 year old mothers with full lookin’ bodies to match their massively full lookin tits…who are eager to show off their tits that made them famous…cuz they are appreciative of the fact that they aren’t working at a resort cleaning off shit, piss, cum and puke off the Cancun hotel wall….and they know what we pay the movie tickets that made her famous for….the kind of bitch who under any and all circumstances would never cover up her titties when she knew the paparazzi was around cuz she wanted to get as many miles out of them as humanly possible before she’s too fucking old for us to care cuz all old ladies have big tits….You know the kind of bitch who risks drowning, discomfort, death, to give her audience what they came for…

I guess with money, success, fame, marriage, stability comes no longer caring or working for the people who jerked off to her tits countless times….That drive has disappeared and she’s got soft. Literally…

Here she is on a waverunner, covered up, reminding us that she’s over and done with.

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