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Shauna Sand’s Inspiring Song TO Start the Day of the Day

I know this is yesterday’s news…and I posted this in my stepLINKS, but as the official promoter of the Shauna Sand Sex Tape, I figured I needed to make a post of the shit…because it is really shit…such shit I can’t believe it even happened…but the world is full of bottom feeders…and Europe is always into bad music…so I can assume this will be the biggest shit to hit Ibiza this summer…and probably the post hysterical…

I mean why the fuck is she saying sex, fuck, fornicate in french….trying to get as much attention singing about her sex tape, hoping to get a few more sales of it, cuz that’s all the work she gets and it doesn’t even pay the bills..

I think a Ballad to her broken vagina would have been more fitting…

To Get Her Sex Tape That is Actually Porn Cuz She Staged It- Follow THis LInk

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