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Paula Abdul See Through Shirt of the Day

You can see Paula Abdul’s bra – or a shirt made to look like a bra – and it really isn’t exciting – cuz this is Paula Abdul, who fucking cares…

I’m only interested if bitch walks out completely naked medicated and drunk as fuck, slurring her words while asking for a pretzel as she fingers her asshole begging for some pills in exchange for sex…and that’s not happening…even though she’s crazy enough for it to happen…

I mean, I guess these will work if you’re into chimp lookin’ bitches – in which case you may want to get a job volunteering at the zoo – cuz chimps are probably easier to manage and more accessible than the people who look like them

Not that it matters…

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  • oscar

    what a tease. if it’s gonna be see thru, lose the damn bra! paula always comes up short.