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Some Shauna Sand Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t understand what inspired this staged photoshoot with Shauna Sand, I mean other than the fact that she’s hungry for attention because I can only assume she’s got another sex tape coming out and that her black dead vagina is ready to play in a sex tape….cuz she’s gone from Playboy to Pornstar, it only took 20 years…but I do know that seeing her posing with various bikini bottoms is fucking hilarious, I’m thinking this is some trash whore bikini company paying the only pussy desperate enough to take that kind of product placement money….but then again this is hollywood – they are all desperate for money…Shauna Sand is just affordable…and here is her pretty hot body – as plastic as it may be , it’d try to taste it if I could….but I’m just a pervert who finds this kind of shit prestige…

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