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Alyssa Milano Self Shot Pregnancy Pictures of the Day

Here is a picture of Alyssa Milano ruining the concept of self shot pics….they say she’s a social media expert celebrity who blocked me on twitter along with everyone who doesn’t like my twitter earthquake coverage , but she’s doing these self shot pics all wrong…and not just cuz she’s pregnant and pregnancy is digusting…but because she’s not fucking naked.

I appreciate the fact that she’s using the hipster photographer app for her pics…but I don’t appreciate the fact that she’s not showing her hipster bush…that I know is a serious bush strictly based on her arm hair…

Pregnant or not, if you’re gonna take a pic of yourself in front of the mirror, you gotta do it right…and that’s naked…

I’m an expert on these things cuz I spend 90 percent of my day looking at self shot pics, or recruiting girls to take them, the other 10 percent of my day is spent shitting, crying, trying to masturbate- usually all at the same time…

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  • Bob Smith

    Completely un-hot. Imagine you’re married to that… oh wait, I used to be married to someone who looked just like that. Gawdamn fucking cunt, too.