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Jessica White Naked Ass for INKED of the Day

Jessica White is Black showed off her gutter tattoos for INKED magazine last month and I had no idea, because I hate tattoos almost as much as I hate Tattoo culture…I am sure there was a time getting tatted up was cool, rock and roll, bad ass, even interesting or intriguing, but that time is not now. It’s on some Jersey Shore kick of mainstream, full sleeves on every second chachi at the club drinking magnums of Goose, dancing on tables flexing their arms to seduce their cheesy bitches….the only thing tough about them is the ability to put up with the tattoo gun pain, while everything is just pure pussy…..a pussy unlike the one Jessica White is Black should have been showing in these pictures…

I don’t know how I missed it, but blame being drunk…it’s always my excuse for everything from fights, to rape, to sex offense…and I’m not stopping now..

Apparently, these are the last nude pics she will ever do…but I say once a whore – always a whore…


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