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Loni Anderson’s Old Lady Vagina Hugging Pants of the Day

Old pussy is still pussy as far as I’m concerned. Sure it may not work the same. It may not have the same kinda bounce and energy, it may not be fertile, youthful or even nice to look at, but it’s still a pussy….if you prick it, will it not bleed, even if it is the only blood the thing has seen since the diaper rash. if you punch it, will it not bruise, even if it is already a shade of purple/blue, if you stick your dick in it, will it not respond, even if no pussy responds cuz you’re built that small…

This is Loni Anderson. The tits on WKRP, the Pam Anderson before Pam Anderson. Masturbation material for your dads, if you have dads who weren’t just John’s fucking some Mexican hooker for the night, like me….

This is the dream being an orderly at an old folks home, or a maintenance man in a gated retirement community in Florida are made of…

Sure her face is a monster, her body probably is too, but I’m not very picky, and it’d make for a great story long after she dies next year and you just have the memory of that night and the panties bedpan you stole to sell on ebay. Amazing. FOLLOW ME

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  • Dirk Diggler

    Bailey (Jan Smithers) was always WAY SEXIER than Jennifer.

  • Bob Smith

    Yes, but Loni isn’t bad looking for a woman who is 75

  • cowbulls

    I bet that body has a long line of very satisfied men.