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Sofia Vergara’s Mom Tits and Ass in a One Piece Thong of the Day

Here’s Sofia Vergara in a one piece, because where the fact that you’re a mom in your 40s with hispanic roots and huge tits usually means you come with a stomach that looks like a war torn communist country all sloppy and injured and shit….but really what the fuck do I know…maybe Pepsi are just pussies who don’t want to risk putting a bitch in a bikini who is built like this for fear the Christian audience won’t approve and will think it’s inappropriate for their fucked up kids to watch, boycotting Pepsi and ending their 100 year long business, I mean that is the American way you Evagelical freaks….all prude and crazy and shit….

I just like assuming that this mouth and body of hers worked fucking miracles to get her out of the slums with refuge status to being filming a Pepsi commercial…bitch much have amazing talent with her thraot…

We’re all fucking whores, who really cares. I just hope Beckhamed fuck her while his other bitch who lets him fuck other bitches was at home tending to her 15th pregnancy, cuz pussy like this shouldn’t be wasted when it comes your way, under any circumstances, including the false promise of marriage…. FOLLOW ME

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