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Meagan Good’s Denim Shorts over Pantyhose of the Day

Here’s Meagan Good dressed like a 3 year old on her way to daycare on “Dress Yourself Day”….I never got the whole shorts over pantyhose look, if anything it made no sense to me, it’s like just wear pants bitch, shorts are a mini skirt, if you uncross your legs, we won’t see your fucking cunt, you don’t need to put that layer of fabric on, it’s weird….I know, lots of Chinese girls in China town do this, but what the fuck do they know, up until 10 years ago, they all wore the same work clothes, government issued motherfucker, so they are allowed to go insane…and you’re not…well maybe you are…cuz that ass is good to look at…even if I don’t know why she is famous…FOLLOW ME

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