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Katie Holmes Legs at the Beach of the Day

Slutty Scientologist. I mean she must not be taking her religion very seriously, maybe because it isn’t an actual religion, but a cult for Rich people who believe in a scam created by a sci-fi writer, or maybe because all of hollywood are just full of shit…

Cuz the religious people I know, or see on the street, or come knocking on my door with notices of how man is killing the world, from Jesus people, to Jews, to Arabs, they’d never be this exposed, even on the beach, not that they’d ever be on the beach, because they’re free time is sprent preaching the word of the lord or some shit…

Here are some reliously imprisioned legs on the beach cuz they are not allowed to wear a bikini cuz alien vengeance from their alien god would strike down from above…but maybe she should push the limits like a teenage girl girl rebelling against their uptight upbringing, cuz I always love watching the ex-catholic school girls masturbating with crucifixes out of spite, it’s erotic.

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  • is just about one of the the best. It shows really dont have a great deal It is refreshing to find people who write like they know what they are talking about