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Lady Gaga’s Costume Change To Cover Up of the Day

I just posted picturs of LADY GAGA NIPPLE at some party….well it turns out she decided to put pasties on and pants off…

The whole thing is a joke, Lady Gaga is the loud annoying, trash can of a person that you’ve seen at every party.

It’s like the bitch who makes everything about them, whether pretending to be so drunk and passing out so people notice, or so drunk and dancing ont he table so people notice, or so drunk and running around naked so people notice, or so drunk and yelling craziness so people notice….

You know the person I mean…

Everywhere they go, they have to do this whole spectacle, that the people around them are supposed to look at in awe of how fabulous they are, but instead look at them in embarrassmen….

It is just rude….it takes away from the people throwing the event that’s been going on a lot longer than Gaga’s been around…it alienates the people who can’t stand her act….

Bitch has no fucking manners….Is totally obnoxious and needs to learn to scale back and chill the fuck out…and realize that life isn’t the Gaga show…if it was I’d kill myself…

Either way, here’s her costume change that should get her arrested. It is indecent.

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