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Jennifer Lopez Nipple Slip on German TV of the DAy

I heard about J.Lo’s nipple slip on some German show called Wetten, Dass..? this past saturday night….someone emailed it into me…and I figured I’d get to it Monday, cuz unlike you seeing the shit stain on some 45 year old hispanic mom’s tit, doesn’t really do it for me…at least not enough to get on a fucking computer when I’m busy passed out on a park bench hard drinking while asking bitches for nude twitpics pics cuz I don’t know how to make conversation when not on a computer as I’ve lost all my social skills in my alocholism and relationship with the internet and such….nipples that are far more interesting to look at then this bitch’s….next time I’m hoping for a clit slip, they’re the next level nipple slip for the person who wants to one-up the nipple slippers and stand out as a pioneer behind the likes of Kardashian, Hilton, Lohan and Spears…and they far more fun to jerk off to…cuz everyone has nipples…vagina are reserved to those people I like to fuck…or don’t like to fuck but do it anyway cuz she pays my rent….if you know what I mean…

Here’s the video…

Wonder why she didn’t wear a bra….all hispanics wear bras cuz they have shitty tits….unless they have implants..which I can assume she doesn’t thanks to the nipple ratio….plastic surgereons would never let that saucer sized nipple fly…

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  • Loppy

    Any chance of posting the right video, m’dear?

  • cowbulls

    That is an ugly nipple. I hope her clit looks a lot better.