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Penelope Cruz’s Mom Body in a Dress of the Day

Here are some pictures of Penelope Cruz in a dress post pregnancy.

I always thought she was kind of erotic except for her know all European accent and hot body and shit…but now you can add mom pussy and baby weight to those strikes against her….however she kinda redeemed herself when getting married in July, just 6 months prior to her birth, in what most haven’t called out as a shotgun wedding, cuz they were all distracted by wondering why the fuck they cared that two Spanish actors who made it in Hollywood were getting married…and I fucking love shotgun weddings….they remind me of white trash teen pregnancy from the deep south in the 60s, a fetish of mine, but more importantly they remind me there was a 3 month windo where they contemplated getting an aboriton…

Either way, these pics would be much better with more LABIA….God knows that since he birth she’s got some to spare…

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