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Rachel “Boring” Bilson is Still in a Robe of the Day

I don’t know, this robe fetish is getting fucking boring. I should have expected that from Bilson, who is pretty uneventful as a person…or at least a celebrity…because she just doesn’t do the song and dance I like for the paparazzi….you know the cry for attention, pussy puppetry, in a “Notice me, I matter” kind of way….leaving her pretty fucking useless for my purposes, I mean until I buy the farm next door to hers in Canada, in which case, watching her in her robe will be on a whole other level of amazing, cuz I’ll have my telescope aimed at her bathroom, and she probably won’t be wearing clothes under it, even though she seems like the kind of girl who bathes in her one piece bathing suit….and you know what, it is always the girls who bathe in their one-piece bathing suits who are the dirtiest fucks…all that suppressing their inner slut shines behind closed doors…

So if you’ve got a fetish for mom looking bitches looking like they are walking their kids to the school bus at 7 am…showing a little lower leg as a tribute to the sex appeal they once had…hiding the goods they’ve still got cuz they are shy…then these pics are for you….

Here she is walking around in dumpy clothes…like she’s got her period clothes…or like she’s doesn’t want guys to pants her and shove their dicks inside her clothes…

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