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Vanessa Minnillo’s Honeymoon is Over of the Day

I love big cleavage…especially on a newlywed coming home from her honeymoon, cuz I know how chicks are and when a dude locks into them with marriage, it’s pretty obvious they’ve spent that last week or two with a dick inside them…especially when it is slutty Minnillo, or as I like to call her, the new Jessica Simpson, who was taking it from behind in the Mexico Hot Tub long before Nick Fag Lachey ever prompsed…

I’m thinking that’s why she’s showing off so much tit, it’s kinda like when girls are about to get their period, all fertile and ready to make babies, if she hasn’t already got one growing inside her, which would obviously explain the whole wedding thing in the first place….

And who cares, pregnant, married, jacked up on estrogen or not….it’s fucking hot. Look at that glow of a bitch who just got what she want and let her pussy take a beatin for it… Enjoy…..cuz I know I am…

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