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Nicky Hilton Covered Up and Sloppy on the Beach of the Day

Nicky Hilton fucking sucks. She’s the boring latch on sister who had no problem riding Paris Hilton’s sex tape fame, you know being her sidekick at all the events and shit, all while never doing anything remotely interesting or scandalous….It’s like she had the opportunity to have dudes jerking off to her but now she’s just like a fucking sack of potatos, all sloppy, dumpy, uninteresting and a fucking waste….that’s why she’s in a fucking beach dress over her bikini…cuz she knows she’s a SLIM FAT…

The funniest thing about these idiot sisters, is that they rented a beach front Malibu house, you know cuz that’s where the paparazzi hang out, and this is pretty much the closest they’ve had to bikini pics leaked this summer, meaning their marketing hustle’s not working out so well for them…or maybe that they just fucking suck….

I guess we can only hope they get catty one night and one gets jealous of the other and kills her off….just to make the Hilton sisters a little more interesting…even though I’m pretty sure their time in the limelight is over…you know that happens with 30th birthdays…guys start feeling questionable when checking them out…cuz we have our own over 30 year old women in our life…give us the 20 year olds we’re not allowed to have to fantasize about…you know…

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