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Kristin Cavallari Tight Body Leaving the Gym of the Day

Here are some shitty pictures of Kristin Cavallari leaving the gym because when you are unemployed, but so want to be famous and noticed, you go to the fucking gym so that you don’t get fat, cuz no one likes fat chicks, even though being fat could give her a marketing hook, and get her cast in some fat people TV shows, even though no one wants to watch fat girls on TV, and America is filled with bitches built like Precious hungry for both all things edible and a minute of fame….so instead trash Cavallari just does the obvious Hollywood route that I hope ends in poverty and desperation cuz that’s always when the fun goes down cuz whatever is going on here…is hardly fun…if anything it looks sad….something that I usually see on women both before and after I have sex with them…making this almost erotic…

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