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Jenna Jameson’s Still in a Bikini of the Day

I feel kinda weird posting these pictures of Jenna Jameson in the pool in a bikini…not because I think I am invading her privacy and not because she’s a classy, elegant, regal woman who is lives on the principles of Emily Post’s book on etiquette….She’s not high society, but she’s probably graced the cover of high society…a porn slut…older, retired and a mom, just enjoying a lifestyle the money her vagina’s dignity was sacrificed to afford….so if anything…I should only be really giving her any press if she was seen getting fucked on the street corner by a homeless man, or something outrageous…cuz even a “leaked sex tape” doesn’t fly with her….you know cuz we’ve all seen her fuck and fuck some more…but then the whole fact she’s in a bikini kinda makes me have no choice but to post it…but I want to make it clear…I am hardly excited by this white trash couple living a better life than me…except maybe when she gets beat up…but that’s only cuz porn chicks love being abused…it reminds them of their childhood…

Here they are practicing their synchronized swimming for the next trailer park olympics they are participating in…

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  • die cunt!

    wtf? is there some kind of black hole time warp in canada today? Brooke Burke and Jenna Jameson? is it 1998 or something?