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Rachel Bilson’s Hot Little Body in Shorts of the Day

I guess Rachel Bilson’s keeper, the guy from Star Wars, who has locked her down and brainwashed her to follow him around cuz he is the only one who understands her, fearing that she will leave him for an actual actor who wasn’t type cast and forced to retire against his will for doing Star Wars, so he locked her up in a barn in Canada….only to have him leave him then run back to him cuz that’s how brainwashing works…leading to boring fucking pictures of her in the paparazzi after boring pictures in the paparazzi…annoying me like the mormom chick I once tried to fuck who still dressed like she was still in the cult…even though she wasn’t in the cult…unable to break free…when bitch shoulda been in bikinis, flashing tit and ass, but this is a pretty good start….Good short choice bitch….I just wonder if she’s gonna get beat for this…you know for breaking the rules…making this all the more exciting…

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