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Britney’s Got a Gun of the Day

So much of me wishes these were pictures of Britney having another Bi-Polar episode, only this time, instead of shaving her head to rid herself of evidence she was doing drugs, cuz it would have cost her her kids and a lot of money in the custody battle with K-Fed…..she’s shooting her record label, maybe some people at the mall, her family all for using her as a tool to make them all money….I’m talking medicating her, and forcing her to perform when all she wants to do is sleep and eat cheetos….cuz she’s a money making machine…

I guess I just like to believe revenge is bittersweet, and seeing her go down without a fight would be a huge fight….

But reality is she’s just filming a music vidoe…but at least most of you have girl and gun fetishes cuz it is the American dream….in the fucking constitution…and she’s doing it in shorts…Love it.

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  • die cunt!

    Dumpy, average at best ass….Cankles till the cows come home, saggin tits with nipples that point to her toes, and a neck thicker then an NFL starting line backer….NOOOOOOO THANKS!.

    No matter how much her people try to convince me that this mom of two, who used to plow AYE-RABS, and who used to walk in and out of public restrooms in LA gas stations bare foot is hot, I am simply not buying the bull shit they are trying to sell me. Not hot, not talented, and a farce from head to tow.

    its not 2005 anymore, can we PLEASE stop talking about this thick necked talentless whore?? Can we please move the fuck on?

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    I don’t understand why this fat, tubby, non-educated mental case is carrying what appears to be a real revolver, but she should put it in her mouth and kill herself ha ha. It would be the best thing for her retarded kids.

  • Venom

    All I see is a fat crazy mother of two that used to/still bangs nasty Persian paparazzi.