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Miranda Kerr in Lingerie Cuz It’s Her Job of the Day

As a guy who doesn’t have sex with hot girls or girls who are in the clubs looking hot…

I am a huge fan of these padded bras that make little real tits look like they are huge implants because I get to appreciate the show and the fact that a billion dollar company probably spent millions upon millions on making this fucking happen while kids in their backyards were starving cuz the state of the economy makes their families fucking broke….

See cuz I don’t have to deal with the disappointment of when you get the seemingly busty slut back home, only to find out she’s barely I fucking b-cup, but I can see how annoying that kind of lie would be, since I used to stuff my pants with a 10 inch dildo back when I was younger, and saw the disappointment from any girl I convinced to fuck me after dancing with them all night….Yes there was a time I wasn’t a pathetic loser unable to get laid…

Here’s Miranda Kerr showing her mom body that’s been photoshopped to shit and I like it…

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    You just know that any bitch who loves showing off her tits like that also loves getting tit-fucked. So it’s easy to imagine her with a big hard cock between her tits ha ha….

  • Scott

    A gorgeous girl right there in lingerie and youre thinking about “a big hard cock” LOL