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Megan Fox Finally Brings It of the Day

Here are some pictures of Megan Fox reminding us that she’s still Megan Fox, you know reclaiming her title as bitch we all want to fuck, who can’t be replaced by supermodels, because she made the stupid decision to get married and act like a diva cunt that no one wanted to work with, who most importantly, never got naked for a role, but who did get naked for David from 90210, in what may be the weirdest set of priorities any actor in the history of acting has ever had….but she’s hot, we can’t take that from her, but I’m sure the aging process, an accident, or something throwing acid in her face could, but let’s hope they don’t cuz she’s good….when she puts a little effort in….let’s just hope her slump is behind us….so that we can get behind her….

TO See THe REst of the Pics of her in Heels and Leggings

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