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Christina Aguilera Fat at Some Event of the Day

Everyone is so concerned with Chrstina Aguiler’s weight gain, but I’m more concerned with her catcher mit with a lot of miss piggy rouge of a face….which I guess it is as appropriate of a face she should have since clearly, she is a fucking pig …..

I don’t care what tricks she tries to pull by wearing black, or having her hands on her hip to seem more slim in pictures….she’s fucking huge and I don’t care how much she pretends or acts in love with that Russian Maffia looking boyfriend of hers….nothing distracts from the fact that she’s fucking huge…

And sure, making fat jokes is lame, boring, obvious and easy….but I think the real joke is what happened to her…..something only pictures can convey….who cares…

Briana Evigan was there and if you don’t know who she is, she’s the newest person I want to fuck….but only cuz she wears retarded head bands while showing off her dancing titties…

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