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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Tonight Night and I wasn’t Invited of the Day

After all the posts I’ve done on these Victoria’s Secret bitches, over the last 7 years or running the site, giving them press, even though I know these half naked bitches are marketing campaigns to them, far more interactive than the ad above the urinal at the bar, because they are living, breathing, hot bitches who are half naked…..

You’d think I’d get a fucking invite to their bullshit fashion show, to give you exclusives, to hang out back stage, to masturbate on their outfits while sniffing the sweaty panties, to attempting to lure one of the models into marriage…

But instead I get nothing….but at I can steal shit off twitter….so here’s some back stage footage, not naked enough, but enough to remind you that you’ll be watching that hour of primetime shopping channel on network television no one cares to notice is strictly commercial, cuz there are half naked bitches there distracting…Making me one of the only dudes who hates the shit, I find it cheesy and boring, repetitive and not inspiring and half naked bitches or not it is not nearly perverted enough for me, it is just bullshit marketing scam that middle america buys into…cuz it’s better than watching Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs.

Here’s Doutzen and Ambrosio being puppets for lots of money…not nearly half naked enough and I’m sure I’ll have the actual pics of the event tomorrow. So Ya’ll come Back Now…

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