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Lucy Pinder And Rhian Sugden Naked in A Tub

My friend went off on me at the stripclub the other night….They say that there is a real problem with obesity in schools, that 9 year olds need to get tested for cholestorol and high blood pressure, and all that shit, and that there’s only one or two skinny and active kids per class….in some global epidemic that apparently also affects stripclubs, cuz every stripper was fat, disgusting, except for one, who clearly had a meth problem….proving that stripclubs really are a microcosim of our society…

Either way, he get mad I don’t write about these UK bitches who have the greatest real tits, like Lucy Pinder…the glamor models, busty for no real reason other than living next to some factory in their working class town…

So here she is in the bath with Rhian Sugden, another glamor model….and she posted it to twitter cuz she wanted you to see…but I’m far mor einto her WHEN SHE’S STAGING TOPLESS PICS But the girls in the bath together fetish put up to twitter cuz they want us to see it….kinda works too.

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