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Victoria Silvstedt’s Black Bikini of the Day

I appreciate Victoria Silvstedt and her public high class escorting….She lives a good life…her body is rockin’…she’s totally preserved her sex appeal for the last decade or two…and she’s only tried to sue me one….thanks to posting pics of her getting eaten the fuck out by her married client who supports her lifestyle….Point being….she did Playboy once a long time ago…showing off her fake tits…and for some reason…a reason i call her fake tits..I’m still talking about her…cuz she’s good at this bullshit hustle….unlike me…and here are the pics..

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  • Bob Smith

    ..and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what a high-priced hooker looks like.

  • http://twitter.com/madammeow MadamMeow

    Her tits look droopy in that bikini. She would serve herself well to take it off.