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Mischa Barton’s Not So Hot Bikini Top of the Day

I find it dull that Mischa Barton is alive….I’m not a psychopath or even a sociopath who wishes death on people for the sake of wishing death on people….even though I think most people are idiots…I prefer to just laugh at them cuz they are entertaining…..I don’t even have dead hookers in my basement….and everyone knows hookers aren’t real people….so when I say Mischa Barton is better off dead…I mean it in a good way…See she’s all tormented and shit….looks like shit and shit….is boring as shit and shit….has addictions and issues that lead to her unshowered, sloppy and probably stinky twat. I had a death watch going on the site and now it’s on hiatus…cuz she’s cleaned up a bit…but I know there needs to be a celebrity death in 2012, we’re a few days in and I want some morbid scandals with these idiots….and here are some bikini top pictures….dull…but still a bikini……I should be on the beach getting pics of hot pussy in a bikini…instead of posting these useless idiots…but I can’t help myself…it’s a horrible habbit.

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  • beavis

    She looks kind of like that dude Frodo Baggins. Just in the face though.