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Victoria Silvstedt is Amazing on the Beach of the Day

Victoria’s Silvstedt may be a high class escort….living as the mistress to a billionaire…but who the fuck cares…does it really fucking matter how a bitch makes a living or whether she sucks midget dick for a dollar….what we need to focus on is that even though she’s 40 and dresses and acts like she’s still in her 20s posing for Playboy for the first time like it was still the 90s…and she was at the peak of her 5 minutes of fame….she’s still all hard bodied….and hot….and that’s coming from me, someone with a deep hatred for this bitch cuz she tried to sue me…not to mention I hate seeing young hot pussy droop and get sloppy…but for some reason it’s all good with this twat…and that reason stems for her not being fat and always willing to get in a bikini….good times…

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