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Elle Macpherson Outshines Fat Ex-Popstars of the Day

These pictures made me laugh…

They are from some NBC bullshit event I wasn’t invited to and probably wouldn’t have gone to if I was, cuz I didn’t want to go to their shitty parties in the first place, in what brings back horrible flash backs of not being invited to birthday parties cuz I was the weird kid…

EIther way, the highlight of the night was that model pussy proved genitically ages better than exploited child stars turned pop singer pussy, cuz I guess life is harder when you’re a “Rockstar” on stage, than when you’re just fucking rockstars….as models do….

The combined weight of Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera combined, regardless of their being pregnant, cuz fetus in them or not they’re lazy slutty, spoiled pigs with a food addiction…..is almost scary if you’re in an elevator with them….and totally scary if you own the all you can eat buffet they’re walking into…

Aguilera –

Simpson –

Elle Macpherson –

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