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Some Jennifer Love Hewitt Shopping With a Fingerbanging Injury of the Day

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

I don’t understand why the paparazzi didn’t ask the bitch how she got her finger injury, making reference to her shoving fingers in asses of men in order to make them cum, cuz her sloppy body and whining you get a taste of “take your picture, go away” whatever the fuck she was saying, is a fucking turn off….or maybe they coulda gone the lesbian route since bitch can’t find a man, not even a K-Fed to marry her and knock her up…either way, fingerbanging injury bad joke shoulda been said….reminding me that maybe my life calling was to be a paparazzi, creeping on bitches, instead of writing shit about the bad job the people who do it do….if you know what I mean..

THat said, watching girls shop, or watching girls do anything, is always erotic for a voyeur…enjoy…creep.

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