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Shameless Nudity on TV of the Day

I love that TV is on the move towards porn…it gives me hope that one day my TV show will get picked up…the only issue is that I haven’t bothered writing it cuz I am lazy….coupled with the fact that I don’t know how to write, I don’t have any good concepts, even if I did, they’d never sell or get produced because I’m that kind of failure…but it is nice to pretend that all my ideas are consistently getting ripped off…like Californication or Shameless…cuz it is good for my self esteem….see no one likes to admit they barely exist…which is possibly why I cry when I masturbate…

I’m just fucking around…I’m too lazy to care or feel like a loser…what I am trying to say is that tits on TV has been something I’ve always wanted when TV was invented….and something I appreciate now that it is here enough to skip the show itself and download the clip off the internet cuz SOPA is my bitch….

Here’ Laura Wiggins….getting fucked up the ass…..while having small talk…

Here’s Emmy Rossum…..Hates me on twitter but I like watching her fuck….

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